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How to Use 123InkCartridges Facebook Features Better

We all know Facebook nowadays or we at least heard about it somehow, some of us love the idea of having Facebook and use that to communicate with friends and family (as I do), on the other sides, it is

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Why Choose 123InkCartridges? Let’s Listen From Our Customers

We spent a lot of content here for talking about our on sale item, new arrival in stock or some product review, ideally, our goal in here is to build an bridge between our loyal customers as well as the

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How to Use 123InkCartridges Web Site Feature 101

Since we have been receiving questions related to our web site feature lately, so in today’s blog content I am going to show you the whole picture by representing our web feature individually with screenshot and description  hope that it might be helpful

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Our Facebook Page Monthly Note

Recently we have been doing many tasks on the social network, I had quite learned a lot from the past experiences regarding to how to engage our customers better, we had a lot of fun, idea and I got inspirited

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your best choice,toner cartridges HP128A

Are you using HP LaserJet printer??? Are you worry about used more money to shop the useless toner??? Come on, it is time to save your money start from 123inkcartridges.ca.New compatible toner cartridges HP128A,our price $191.99 for one pack. No matter

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Subscribe 123InkCartridges YouTube to WIN the prizes

Few things to mention: We filmed a video which is about our RC LiteHawk II hellipcopter, we had a lot of fun from that during the shooting, for the person who doesn’t know what thing can do especially in the

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Check our YouTube Channal for the giveaway!! [Limited Quantities]

In recent, we made some open box videos as well as giveaways to the people who comment on our videos and we had a lot of fun doing that. The product quality was awesome so does the features , and

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Do you know that we do have Twitter page? [Try @123ink]

  Twitter, what an amazing place isn’t it? For us, binding 123InkCartridges into social media is definitely a good way to go, we have successful established our FACEBOOK page and have acquired thousands of amazing fans so far, so now

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A Note to 123InkCartrides Facebook Fans

Recently we have been doing plenty of activities and changes on our Facebook pages, we made some sweepstakes and 123inkcartridges coupon giveaway event couple months ago, the results seem very positive to us. What I determine the word “positive” is,

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Belkin PureAV HDTV Antenna ON SALE for $2.99 ONLY!![Video]

Heard about Belkin PureAV Antenna? I remember that before I got this TV antenna, the first I did is to search the review on Amazon about Belkin HDTV antenna (AV48001) , the reviews are not as promising as the product

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