Moustache® Toner Cyber Monday Promotion has been a Cyber Monday favorite for years. Consistently offering fantastic deals on printers, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, and other consumer electronics, paper-clip counters often camp out for days leading up to Cyber Monday 2016. We’re also gearing up for the Cyber Monday 2016 and we’re excited to bring you all the dgreat discount products and updates regarding Cyber Monday 2016. Stay tuned! You can visit our website to find all the details about some of the best prices of the Cyber Monday! Among the products of big deal, Moustache® Toner is one of the most high cost-performance products on our website during Cyber Monday 2016.

Moustache® Toner

Moustache® Toner

Why Choose Moustache® Toner Cartridges? Is the moustache® toner cartridges familiar to you? Now, I will make some introduction to you. First of all, Moustache® toner cartridges is the Canadian brand with the quality that as the OEM model standard laser toner cartridges. Comparison of original cartridges and other no brand cartridges, Moustache® toners have absolute predominance. The OEM toners are manufactured by brands and get no other certificates. On the contrary, Moustache® have already get the certificates including CE, STMC, ROHS compliance, European REACH compliance, ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO19752 and ISO19798. And the price of Moustache® toners is 20%-50% the OEM price. Furthermore, when you replace your next toner cartridges, you should consider both PRICE and QUALITY for the best VALUE. Original toners have the industry standardised quality, but considering the cost and the page yield, the value of OEM is only around 80%. It is your most expensive option. Moustache® brand toner cartridges have the industry-leading quality and affordable price. Compared to OEM, you can get your job done at the same quality standard but at a much cheaper price. It’s clearly the best choice you can make. It is 100% value for your money!

The Certificates of Moustache®

The Certificates of Moustache®

As the saying goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” A cost effective solution for your business and home. Comparison of the expense between using original cartridges and Moustache® cartridges. Take Brother TN-450 and HP CE285A on our website for example. Brother TN-450 Original Black Toner Cartridge is sold of $74.99, and the TN-450 Moustache® just need $24.99 that you can get a high quality TN-450 toner. HP CE285A OEM Toner Cartridge is sold of $85.99, and only $19.99 can you get CE285A Moustache®. You’re saving more than 70% of the cost! What an amazing thing it is!‘s Cyber Monday 2016 is coming. Click on our website to fill your virtual cart in advance! You will enjoy shopping on this website. We are willing to offer you the best service. Our website offers free shipping for all the orders above $49. You will absolutely have a happy shopping experience on our website.

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