Moustache Toner Samsung 406 Series Toner Cartridges Review

If you have already owned Samsung CLP or CLX series printers, you are familiar with hearing about Samsung 406 series toner cartridges. Samsung 406 series toner cartridges consists of 4 toners, including CLT-K406S, CLT-C406S, CLT-M406S and CLT-Y406S, black, cyan, magenta and yellow respectively. It is usually considered that the toners of original brands work better than the compatible ones. However, the prices of original toners are relatively high. Take CLT-K406S as an example. CLT-K406S original toner cartridge’s price i $69.99 on our website, much higher than that of the compatible.



You can find many compatible toners on online shops. They are of different brands, prices and qualities. Which one you should choose? Moustache toner cartridges is absolutely the best choice for you. Moustache toners offer you the same printing quality as that of the original toners. Besides, Moustache toners are certified by ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 196752 and ISO 19798 which means you can be sure that the Moustache toners have a fantastic printing quality. More importantly, Moustache toners are much cheaper in price than the original toners. For example, on our website, Moustache CLT-K406S, CLT-C406S, CLT-M406S and CLT-Y406S New Compatible Toner Cartridges share the same price of $49.99, $20 cheaper than that of the original one. The following picture will show you the difference of the printing performance between original Samsung 406 Series and the Moustache Samsung 406 Series.

The Comparison Between Original Samsung 406 Series Toners and Moustache Toners

The Comparison Between Original Samsung 406 Series Toners and Moustache Toner

Compared with Moustache toners, the performance of the toners of other brands is not that good because of the toner leakage problem.

The Comparison Between Samsung 406 Series Moustache Toners and Non-Moustache Toners

The Comparison Between Samsung 406 Series Moustache Toners and Non-Moustache Toners

The above pictures are the scan copy of the documents printed by Samsung 406 series toner cartridges, one is by Moustache toner, the other is by Non-Moustache toner. You can see from the scan copy of the document above that Moustache toner prints more clearly than the non-Moustache toner and you can also see there are some powder seperated around the words on the document which badly influence the clearness.

If you want to buy Moustache toner, please come to our website Our website offers free shipping for all the orders above $49. If you have any questions concerning our products, please feel free to contact us. We will spare no effort to offer you a wonderful shopping experience!

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