Special and Romantic Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming, in order all you can enjoy a special and romantic Christmas, there is a various kinds of gift for you choose in 123inkcartridges.ca.

Crystal Palace Brushed Nickel 5 Lights

To be a special and romantic Christmas, the present of Christmas also should be special and romantic; there is Crystal Palace Brushed Nickel 5 Lights which comes with  candle mini chandelier and looks neat and clean , everything for home match suitable for different style of decoration, for example, bedroom、 Living room or Dining room. The price is best online with the quality matching these of big chain stores. Lighting box is really wholesale price at $139.

PhoneGala Explorer Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to go camping for your holiday, in order, you can get rid of the boring of the outdoor, there is a new item for you, it is PhoneGala Explorer Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker also comes with Compressible LED Light, so, it can help to light up in the night for you. The portable design, and Bluetooth connection bring you more and more convenes, as you can take it anywhere you want. The play time can last for 5 hours and lighting at full light can stand for 3.5 hours, while lighting at half light it as long as 30 hours. Right now, it’s on sale at $39.99, this 33% discount off till 26 December for you.

Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone Visor Car kit

For most people, it’s boring to stay in car; there is Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone Visor Car kit, this Bluetooth 3.0 hands-free visor car-kit can give you the benefits as full Automatic Pairing between your phone and the kit, and offer multipoint connectivity, so, you are allow to pair up to 2 mobile devices simultaneously, in the other way, you are no need for complicated installation, it is simply clip, connect and drive for this kits. In additional, Enhanced Digital Signal Processing and double noise cancellation come with the kit to smooth the sound and ensure a clear, And then, it can workup to 20 hours talk time and up to 1000 hours on standby, but only with the lower price$19.99, you can get 50% discount from the 69.99 market price.

Touch Screen Unisex Windproof Outdoor Gloves

If you want to go hiking, maybe you want to buy a new gloves, for yourself, we would like to sale you with Touch Screen Unisex Windproof Outdoor Gloves which is black, it’s suit for men and women. Full fingered gloves for both men and women. Wind stopper fabric make sure it warmth retention and fleece lining for you can wear it soft and comfortable .in order to you can playing capacitive screen digital devices without taking off the gloves, conductive cloth on the index finger. There also come with anti-slip palm and zipper design for comfort fit. In shut this gloves is suit for skiing, traveling, cycling and other outdoor activities in cold weather but only with $12.99.

PhoneGala SpeGO Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

There also other kind of PhoneGala SpeGO product, Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker that can work with Mic、Card slot for Phones、Tablets and PC, and sale with lower price as $12.99. It is compact and light weight, so, you can bring it wherever you go. The impressive sound coming out from this unit would be clarity, but can allow answering your call anytime with one touch button!

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