Review:Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

Waste toner box is not on the printer is on the drum, the drum must open can see the box, a waste bunker and bunker combine into a cartridge. The waste toner box is installed waste toner which is go though magnetic stick to the drum core, and then to the blade in the the waste toner box. And magnetic stick has been used once (magnetic effect) and drum core used once (electrostatic interaction).The used particles may lose some effect. If the powder is mixed with the new, the new powder may also destroyed.

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box

Cartridges work in process, because the paper through the, there will be a lot of waste toner powder confetti, if re-use will destroy the drum core.Therefore, when design the inside of the printer,designer combined with the local to collect these waste powder.he waste toner box with bunker-exist within the cartridge, it looks very similar, so the replacement time to distinguish which is the waste toner box, there is a waste toner box with a magnetic the drum core stick side there is a bunker.

Brother WT220CL OEM Waste Toner Box applicable Printer series is Brother – HL Series (HL-3140CW HL-3170CDW) Brother – MFC Series (MFC-9130CW MFC-9330CDW MFC-9340CDW), this waste toner box easy to replace, durable and strong daily clean-up simple and requires only a simple cleaning bunker can extend its life. When replacing the toner usually pay attention to the waste toner waste toner cartridge clean, so as not to affect output.

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