Fun & Affordable Christmas Gifts

You ready to decorate the coming Christmas Day with some interesting and special things or prepare some gifts for your family? No? Hurry up, order now in, we are in Christmas promotion providing all kinds of funny and cost-efficient products. Speedy front door delivery from Montreal or Vancouver to your home or office is offered if you have free shipping code (limited time offer), and any new customer will be able to get a 5% coupon for all products on our website except for OEM, on sale and some low price items, expiration end of Dec. Too much products to choose? The following are five popular items listed for you to select.

GAMA-GO ® Awesome Party Beards

GAMA-GO ® Awesome Party Beards
Buy these funny and cute beards for your Christmas party. If there is a party, there are always beards. Each beard is attached with elastic band, easy to wear and soft to your skin. Be the fashion icon with multi-colored beards. Set of 8 beards are included in 1 package. Only 5 pieces left in stock, order soon.

DCI® Magic Frog to Prince

DCI® Magic Frog to Prince
It is only $4.99 with 50% off and only 15 pieces left in stock. This is a lovely little plastic-rubber frog encapsulated in a magical clear container (about 9 cm x 6.5 cm). First fill the container with cold water, and frog will start to bubble. After a few, it turns into a prince. Finally prince grows to full size in 72 hours. What a good present for kids and young ladies!


Targus TER017US Case Convert-2-Roller

Targus TER017US Case Convert-2-Roller w/Strap & Handle 
Buy now cost you $14.99 with 31% discount, and only 12 pieces left in stock. Use it to ease your burden of carrying heavy luggage, making it easer than ever to travel. It can handle extends up to 38-inches, and supports luggage up to 25-lbs. The size is 2.25 x 6.5 x 13.61.

Mustard® Wind Up Mug

Mustard® Wind Up Mug
The price is $17.99 and not much left in stock. This ceramic mug with key-shaped handle makes every tea time more funny and enjoyable. The size is 15 x 8.5 x 12cm.

Kikkerland® Mustache Earbuds Stand & Cord Wrap

Kikkerland® Mustache Earbuds Stand & Cord Wrap
Only $20.99 offered and 4 pieces left in stock. Use it to stand your phone when watching movies, and wrap your headphones cord from accidental damage. The cute figure is suitable for both boys and girls.


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