Universal 5”-10” Adjustable Hands Free Tablet Clamp Holder

Universal 5”-10” Adjustable Hands Free Tablet Clamp Holder is great for mounting your electric mobile devices with the designed clamp and tightening knob in table, desk, bed, kitchen counter, etc. If you are looking for a Hands Free Tablet Clamp Holder for your 5”-10” smart phones and tablets, it should be a good option for you. Universal 5”-10” Adjustable Hands Free Tablet Clamp Holder LM-Tab10-Clamp is not only has good quality which meets your needs but also in lower price as you expected. You’ll amaze at it. With our tablet clamp holderLM-Tab10-Clamp, you can easily to mount your phones or tablets with the designed clamp and tightening knob to desks, headboards or any other boards with max 43mm thickness to enjoy the good contents it takes for you. Thus, you can work at desk or enjoy in the bed. What’s more, its 360 degrees rotation and bendable holding tube are ready for most flexibility of multiple perspectives of viewing, typing and playing. You’ll happy with it as you want in mind.

Accurately, the Tablet Clamp Holder is made by ABS plastic, steel and aluminum with powder coated in the surface. This set includes 5”, 7” and 10” holders: the 5” holder is for 3.5”-5.5” smart phones, the 7” holder is for most 7”-8” tablets and the 10” holder is for most 8”-10” tablets. The bendable tube of LM-Tab10-Clamp is 250mm. For all the above, it makes Tablet Clamp Holder LM-Tab10-Clamp a universal and removable panel. Of course, LM-Tab10-Clamp is available for iPad, iPhone, Samsung and universal 5”-10” electric devices. Moreover, the protective pads on the tablet mounting panel can prevent the possible scratching to your honey electric devices. In this way, your lover phone and tablet can be always kept new and nice. In fact, Tablet Clamp Holder LM-Tab10-Clamp really is perfect for most 3.5-5.5” mobile and 7-10” tablet. You can use it in office, bedroom and living room wherever. The clamp range for mobile is 55-82mm, and for tablet is 88-190mm. Therefore, you can use it in more broaden place to enjoy the convenience it take.

Maybe it’s the time to give you another surprise, that is, the low price. The original price of our Universal 5”-10” Adjustable Hands Free Tablet Clamp Holder LM-Tab10-Clamp is $34.99. However, you can only pay $18.99 to take it home today for there is a 45% discounts until Aug 01, 2014. How cheap a universal tablet clamp holder it is! Make a deal right now in our store phonegala.com, you can enjoy the convenience earlier. We’ll ship it for you today, you can get as fast as you expected.

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