Universal 360-Degree Rotating Suction Cups Car Mount Holder

Have you ever felt awkward when you need to use your cell phone in your car? When you need to hold your screen and do something on your phone while driving, maybe all you wish is you got one more hand. This time, the Universal 360-Degree Rotating Suction Cups Car Mount Holder could help you in this kind of situation and becomes your third hand in your car.

Universal 360-Degree Rotating Suction Cups Car Mount Holder

The 360-degree rotating car mount holder is specifically designed for those who always need to tap on or look at the phone screen while driving. For example, you get a navigation app on your phone and you could use it as GPS while driving. But it’s really uncomfortable that you hold the steering wheel with one hand and hold the phone with the other hand, and no hand for you to touch the screen and make any other action. But once you get a car mount holder, things will be much different! You could let the holder hold your phone firmly while driving in one hand and sweep the screen with the other hand or do something else.

The 360 degree rotating suction cups car mount holder is composed of four parts. The first part is the pallet. Then the skid-resistant surface which could prevent your phone from slipping off. Also, there’s a switch to lock your phone within pallet. The last one is the rotary apparatus which could revolve all over 360 degree so that you could adjust your screen to any pont of view.
If you’re going to use to is suction cups car mount holder, just split the protective film on the mount first and mount it on the place you want to for your best view. Then the second step is pressing the lock of mount then adjust the steering yoke to the suitable places and pull down the pallet. The specially made mount is powerful but could also prevent scratching your glass. The unique curvy design could present your good taste and also suitable for use. This car mount holder is small and exquisite. It could also increase your utility rate of your car space.what’s more, the Universal 360-Degree Rotating Suction Cups Car Mount Holder is newly launched therefore is suitable for lots of digital devices.

This Universal 360-Degree Rotating Suction Cups Car Mount Holder is becoming a necessities in people’s car. Why not just get it now before it’s too late? For more information, just directly goes to phonegala.com

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