iPhone 5c and 5s are launched! How do you think about it?

Finally Apple unveils new iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s smartphones. How do you think about it? It is no doubt that the technique part is super. I believe there are so many technique blogger has discussed all the new features professionally in their article. As a regular consumer, after watching the Apple new iPhone conversation, I have learned 3 key words: Cases, Gold, China. Obviously, Apple has lowered its head to the regular retail market and makes its mind start to keeps an eye focus on Chinese consumer market. This is the first time China will get the iPhone at launch.

iphone2013 5c 5s

iphone2013 5c 5s

This is the only time in the Apple’s history that they introducing two iPhone at the same time. It is no surprise that there will be an iPhone 5s before iPhone 6 released. The iPhone 5c, which can be understand as iPhone 5 colourful version, iPhone 5 cheap version or even iPhone 5 Chinese focusing version, is introduced as beautifully, unapologetically plastic. It is a new model of iPhone made with all the incredible tech and a more fun and colourful new design. iPhone 5c is available in Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Red. However, they did not include the whole black option this time. 4-inch retina display, integrated touch, widescreen video and most importantly it is powered by A6. With a two year contract you can have it with a price start at 99$, I believe with this price everyone will get one! And the most surprised for me is that they are introducing the new cases for iPhone! Well, for me iPhone 5c is just looks like the iPhone already has wear the plastic cases. Does it mean that even Apple was attractive by its own phone case market and decided to share a piece of pie from it? I feel that Apple decide to bent its head and watching the lower market. The second iPhone they are introducing is iPhone 5s, which is the one we are really expecting. iPhone 5s is described as the most forward-thinking phone have ever created. It is available in Black, Silver and GOLD! Phill said that the team has carefully considered every detail. I guess may be one of the biggest issues the considered is that the taste of Chinese consumer. iPhone 5S contains a 64-bit chip, A7 chip! 10 hours 3G talk time, 250 hours standby, 10 hours LTE browsing and 40 hours music playback, which is pretty impressive! And once again they are introducing another iPhone case! And the one last biggest point I need to mention is that this is the first time China will get the iPhone at launch. I believe this is one of the wisest decisions Apple made so far!



As a conclusion, may be a lot of people feel disappointed for the new version of iPhone; however, I believe Apple will earn huge dollars back this season. This time I can clearly see the hard works from the Apple Marketing department. However, this reminds me something Jobs ever predict. He said when Apple Company forces much more on sales and Marketing than the Products and technique works, Apple will start to fall downwards.

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