After September 10th, Apple will release it’s NEW model iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

I am sure about that people are over the internet looking for newest iPhone rumours and what kind of amazing iPhone feature that the smart phone will be cover up. The iPhone new models will be released  on the Apple event on September 10th, and this time, Apple is going to release two models concurrently which are as known as “iPhone 5s” and “iPhone 5c”, we will roundup the deatail of the model that we know so far at the following:

Starting from the leaked picture over the internet, it is believe that there won’t be much physical differences compare to the previous model, however, it is believed that they will be some absolute new concept such as fingerprint scanner as well as high definition camera with a much better image processing capacity. The A7 inner chip is not a big news anymore since every upgrade their chip all the time, the storing capacity will be enhanced into 128 GB, which is kind of amazing to think about how much songs, movies and picture that you can put inside your smartphone and bring to go with you anytime !

iphone 5s model feature

iphone 5s model feature

Rear camera that coming with a wider f/2.0 and the dual LED flash light is another kick start that interested our eyes, the device should be able to process the image capacity up to 12 megapixel, which is much higher than the 8 megapixel that you have right now for the iPhone 5 model. Please don’t forget the fact that this new model will have the potential to create a fast frame rate of 120 fps, which is kind of awesome if you are the person who embraced with video shooting. It is also commonly believe that the new iPhone model will have different color varieties between 6-8 colors, you might see the the different representation at the following:

iphone 5s design

iphone 5s design


At the glance, Apple’s iPhone 5S will be pretty much the physical replicate  from the iPhone 5 models, however, by adding up the extra features such as fingerprint technology, better sensor and video hardware plus it’s multiple  color variety, we believe that the newest iPhone model will another milestone which leads to Apple’s future success, we will talk about the iPhone 5C commentary at the next post, please stay tuned.

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what will iPhone 5c look like

what will iPhone 5c look like

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