Traveling with iPhone 5 battery case and iPad mini waterproof skin

Imagine in the old days, we need to prepare MP3 player, camera. GPS, audio recorder, cell phone, stop-motion movie maker, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, ruler and more stuff to bring in our backpack before go to the trip. Now we just need to put iPhone in our pocket and everything is there. Nowadays iPhone is become one of the most needed in our daily life. iPhone allows a traveler to look up train/bus schedules, compare hotels, play a game or get directions. An iPad mini can take the stress out of traveling. Both of the Apple products can save us a lot of time, energy and money during the journey. However, we still need to prepare a few accessories to complete these devices. Waterproof cases and external battery cases is two kind of necessary accessories we need to prepare for iPhone/iPad mini.

Juice Pack 2000mAh Battery Case for iPhone 5, White

Juice Pack 2000mAh Battery Case for iPhone 5, White

First of all, iPhone 5 battery case such as Juice Pack is the most important accessories we need to prepare. iPhone is a multi-functional device; As well as, you are not able to change the battery for iPhone, the using time is limited. An iPhone 5 juice pack battery case is able to double your using time when your iPhone is out of battery and also protect your iPhone perfectly. This Juice Pack battery case is able to be charged with a micro USB. It is probably the most efficient iPhone 5 battery case or external backup battery. The small silver button in the back which tells users how much power this pack has left is a big bonus from juice pack battery case.

iOttie Waterproof Skin for iPad Mini Reusable

iOttie Waterproof Skin for iPad Mini Reusable

The second iPad mini accessories I will recommend as a must have is the waterproof case from iOttie brand. A trip to the beach or somewhere near water is all summer vacation about. For travelers who travel with iPad mini, they need to make sure that their iPad mini is protected from water. iOttie waterproof reusable skin is the best solution. iOttie waterproof skin always provide a clear plastic protection which allows you to access the iPad screen. It dresses your iPad mini nicely without compromising how the original device looks. iOttie waterproof skin is astonishing completed-water resistant which allow you to take picture or record a video under the water without damaging to the device.

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