Summer Liquidation Sale for Epson S193110 New Compatible Color Ink Cartridges

This summer, we have an amazing online summer liquidation sale for Epson S193110 New Compatible Color Ink Cartridges They go for as low as 2.85$. Each Epson S193110 Ink Cartridge package includes one 47ml ink cartridge. There are five choices of color: cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta and yellow. This Epson S193110-T053 ink cartridge is compatible with these Epson printers: PM 2000 C, PM 700, Stylus Photo, Stylus Photo 700, Stylus Photo 710, Stylus Photo 750, as well as Stylus Photo EX. It is able to yield up to 220 pages and has a 2 year shelf life.   Feel free to check and take advantage of our low pricers!

Now is the time for a simple introduction to the history of the Epson Company and the Micro Piezo printing technology they developed and used in all their ink printers.

Epson New Compatible Color Ink Cartridge

Epson New Compatible Color Ink Cartridge

Epson was founded in 1942 by a local clock shop owner who was supported by an investment from the Hattori family. At first, the company was manufacturing watches, until during the 1964 summer Olympics in Tokyo. They then started to develop the first electronic printer. Four years later, the company launched the world’s first mini-printer. In 1975, the name of Epson, which stands for Son of Electronic Printer, was released to the public.

Epson Stylus Ink Printer

Epson Stylus Ink Printer

The Epson ink cartridges are best known for their “Micro Piezo” technology, Piezoelectric printing technology. Piezoelectric ink-jet technology is one of three types of print head technologies used in ink-jet printers. Piezo means to squeeze or to push. This technology is discovered in 1880. The process is that a droplet of ink gets forced out of the nozzle onto the page by a pressure pulse in the fluid!

You can check how Epson Ink Cartridges’ printer head works with the image below

Micro Piezo

Micro Piezo

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