Premium Optical Fancy Toslink Cable Connector—Bring You an Excellent Sound Quality

Need a cable to go from your PC to your audio system? Highly recommend this Premium Optical Fancy Toslink Cable, A great value when you need an optical audio path. You will be surprise that instead of pay more than $80+, this professionally made sturdy cable only cost 9.99$ now (was 21$). Fancy Toslink Cable is the best cable you find so far. It is a very attractive and very well made optical cables, which brings you an excellent sound quality!

Premium Optical Fancy Toslink Cable

Premium Optical Fancy Toslink Cable

Premium Toslink Cable is a hardcore cable, the construction of the Cables are of excellent quality. The heavy-duty connectors and thick braided jacket is definitely an added bonus. As well as, the heavy-duty jacket is very flexible. This High quality Optical Toslink Cable is much beefier than you were expecting it to be. Normal optical cables being around 1/8’’ or smaller while this cable is over 1/4’’ thick! This make it looks like it can take a whole lot of abuse! Although this thick cable is much more resistant bending too tight a radius, it is still very flexible. The thickness of the cable itself which I assume leads to prevention of bending the cable too tight leading to dB loss. However, even with its thicker cable it is not too stiff to find its way around the back of components. The connector seems to be solid metal and braid is cool. The most importantly, It will not present any connection problems for you.

15ft Premium Optical Fancy Toslink Cable

15ft Premium Optical Fancy Toslink Cable

Fancy Toslink Cable is very well built; as well as, a fabulous look. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beefy durability of this cable. Optical Toslink Cable is definitely a great improvement in your system. With this summer promotion, it works like you spent 4 times the money. Believe me it is just what you needed! For sure it is a great purchase! Not mention to the fast shipping and much cheaper than buying through Best Buy or Future Shop, will never fail to favorably surprise you. Could not ask for a better deal! Again, why pay a higher price when you do not need to?

Important! Because of the shape of the connector heads, this cable will not fit the Xbox 360 S "Slim" models, which are the smaller form-factor models released after June 14, 2010. For the Xbox 360 "Slim", please use one of our 5.0 mm Optical TOSlink cables instead.

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