iPhone 5 Extended Battery Powerocks Magicstick

iPhone is this kind of Smartphone that you are not able to change the battery. This brings iPhone owner a huge inconvenient while your iPhone battery is gone. Powerocks Magicstick is a portable extended battery. With a modern slim, sleek and stylish design, it is convenient to carry in your pocket or even your hand. This Powerocks is small and light enough to easily fit in a small purse, briefcase or backpack. It is perfect for work, vacation and everyday on-the-go. You will be surprised by the powerful beyond its size.

Powerocks® Universal Super Magicstick 2800mA

Powerocks® Universal Super Magicstick 2800mA

This handy size extended battery for iPhone 5 contains a rechargeable powerful 2800mAh lithium ion Battery. You can recharge the Magicstick from any USB power source through a micro-USB cable which is come as free with the box. Moreover, you can use your own USB charging cable if there is no micro-USB port available. The output charge rate is 1A. Powerock Magicstick featured with built-in short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection. So you could just leave it plugged in to your phone without any danger of damages to both of the device.

Powerocks® Universal Super Magicstick 2600mA

Powerocks® Universal Super Magicstick 2600mA

This small device does a nice job of charging iPhone 5 quickly as needed. It is quite useful when you are out and there are no outlets around, such as concerts, bus trips, and amusement parks. Thoughtfully the package of Powerocks Magicstick Universal Extended Battery come with a little bag for you to carry and the cord you may need. It is really a great thing to have! Stop worry when your iPhone 5’s battery dying out on you on the way, with Powerocks Magicstick you can just charge your phone as you go. I call it a life saver for the iPhone 5.

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