6ft Premier Series 1/4inch (TRS or Stereo Phono) Male to Male 16AWG Cable for Your Guitar Amplifer!

Toady we will introduce you our 6ft Premier Series 1/4inch Male to Male 16AWG Cable to you, as known as TRS or Stereo Phono, this type of cable is mostly used as a professional audio cable which require a higher voltage and higher performance, an example will be the guitar’s AMP, microphone or any other professional instruments, since most of the this TRS or Stereo phono cables are mostly a consumable item from time to time, choosing a good quality cable will definitely help you to save a lot of cost that you will ever imagine, especially when cables that are highly related to musical instruments.



The 6ft Premier Series 1/4inch audio cable features impedance balanced line, which basically means a large scale for reducing the unnecessary EM and RF noise signals, unlike other traditional RCA, the stereo phono is a specific balance cable which has multiple braids shield so they will have the multiple resistance without modulating the interference, this is also known as the groud loop issue, basically speaking, the 1/4 “ TRS/stereo phono plug cable will grant you a noise free for stereo photo connection, life guarantee plus our $49+ order FREE SHIPPING benefit, if you are currently looking for a professional audio cable for your guitar AMP, microphone or stereo system, this is exactly the right item that you are looking for, for more cable accessories, feel free to visit our web site at PrimeCables.com




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