Father’s Day gift ideas—the Tool Kit Sets

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It is an idea of a special day to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood. The first father’s day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. And now it becomes very popular through all part of the world. From now on, I will try to bring you some ideas about Father’s day gifting. Today I will start to recommend you 3 kinds of Tool kit set, as the first gift idea for the “handy fathers” on Father’s day. These are the tools your father may need to repair PC, electronic projects, hobbies or household wiring. You can simply click here to browse these products.

1. Interchangeable Professional Screwdriver Hardware Screw Driver Tool Kit Set

66-in-1 Professional Screwdriver Hardware Screw Driver Tool Kit Set

66-in-1 Professional Screwdriver Hardware Screw Driver Tool Kit Set

If your father just love to study how the devices are working inside. These set of tools is designed for him! They can repair mobile phones (not for iPhone), hard drives and other electronic products. They are essential tools for family use. With the compact design, this professional portable hardware is interchangeable precise manual tool. Since it is made from PP&TPR material, the tools are with high hardness and good toughness. But it’s light! Thoughtfully it is designed with a non-slip handle. A Magnetic extension bar can adjust the length on the basis of different applications; moreover it is easy for removing and installing. The Professional screw driver took kit sets are available in sizes of 37-in-1, 45-in-1, 66-in-1. For the size of 66-in-1, a Magnetic hexagon driver socket is available. So the bits can be changed more convenient and fast. This kind of tool kit for our fathers can be used to repair and remove the small part of your devices without damaging it.

2. Enhanced PC Toolkit 

45pcs Enhanced PC Toolkit (9Z45)

45pcs Enhanced PC Toolkit (9Z45)

If your father is a computer lover. This enhanced electronic tool kit is perfect for him. It is includes all the tools needed to perform computer maintenance, including special chip pullers. A driver handle accepts common screwdriver, allen, torx, and socket bits, which are included along with special plastic storage trays. There are available in size of 12pcs and 45pcs, which also including Four Important chip tools for servicing computers, Peripherals, & electronic equipment.

3. Bike Bicycle Toolkit

Bike Bicycle Tyre Repair Multifunctional Tool Set Kits

Bike Bicycle Tyre Repair Multifunctional Tool Set Kits

Summer is here! If your father is a bicycle lover, he probably need at lease one bike bicycle repair tool. These tool kits are great multi-functional bike repair set. With good quality, durable and full function. These Bike Bicycle Tyre Repair Multi-functional Tool Set Kits are Easy to carry and convenient to use. With its Lightweight, the tool kits are convenient to hang on your bike tube. It is A definitely a must-have for cyclist on short or long journeys.

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