Father’s Day Gift Idea—For Dad’s Office Table

This weekend is Father’s festival! Have you prepared the gifts for him yet? Looking for the best for dad but running out of the gift ideas? No problem! Surfing on our web store 123inkcartridges.ca, you will find so many perfect gifts ideas to celebrate someone special. Instate of those big fancy gift out there, today I will simply introducing you some interesting gift items for Dad’s office table, the price range is under 19.99$ only! They are not only just the items that help to manage Dad’s desk. Most importantly! They are fun!

j-me® Rewind Desk Tidy

j-me® Rewind Desk Tidy

I will start to introducing you the gift & Living products original designed by J-Me in London. J-me was founded in 2000 with the desire to create products for the design conscious. J-me are producing high-quality products that show a love of design, attention to detail and a sense of humor. The first item for Father’s day gift, I would recommend is the Rewind Desk Tidy design by j-me. With a sense of classic cool old fashion cassette tape design, it brings our Dad the feeling of rewind back of the years! Not only offering storage for pens, pencils and small stationery items, it is able to dispense sticky tape. By the way, the package will include a free tape also. The second idea will be the j-me® Lucky Sticky Pad Holder. How lucky you have lucky to fetch your sticky notes! With a dimension of 85 x 80 x 55 mm, this lucky fetch is made of non-slip rubbed and mild steal. It is able to holds every size of pad, as well as pens. You can select between the color of black and aqua. Moreover, 100 sheets of free pad is coming with the package. The Rocky Desk Butler is the third gift idea I would like to introduce. It is made of the same material as the previous one. Rocky is bigger and the “magnetic nose” can holds paper clips. It is able to hold pens, as well as storage of elastic bands around Rocky’s neck and compartment for small stationery on his back. The last colorful desk accessory is j-me®Jot Desk Coaster, which allows you to bring together mug cup and the pens. Jot is able to hold a cup of coffee right next to the pens so everything is ready for the working day!

wacky office

wacky office

There is another gift I would also like to recommend you is the doiy® Adhesive Magnet Sheet. With this product, you are able to make your own customized family photo magnet for your Dad’s office so he can look at your smile every day!

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