Targus APM69US Premium Universal Laptop/iPhone Charger Review

Already accustomed to toting around the awful “brick” charger of your laptop? It really should be thrown back to the stone-age! It’s time to lighten your computer bag with this little beauty. The Premium Laptop Charger AC/DC APM 6911US, It is a much cooler tiny device kit than the big boxy laptop charger. Now is 71% off for 24hs flash deal, only 19.99$! (was 69.99$) So check it out! Do not miss this chance!

flashdeals Targus 90W Universal Notebook/MP3 AC Adapter

flashdeals Targus 90W Universal Notebook/MP3 AC Adapter

The TARGUS PREMIUM LAPTOP CHARGER is little black beetle of charger only the size of an iPhone. With an extended battery which is 90WH capacity, it charged the battery from 7% to 100% in about 140 minute while you continued to work on the laptop with a high performance power plan. It will charge 2 devices at a time. It comes with an array of interchangeable “tips” that you can swap out for your particular device. The computer won’t display any adapter mismatch warnings while you charging an iPhone simultaneously. It is sleek and portable space saving design. Feature with automobile adapter, this device is an all-in-one for diverse laptop computers and iPhone products. Thoughtfully, they provide the elastic band for easily packing the line. Plus, you get 6 special additional tips and a plug for free! You even can use it in the car!

Targus90W UniversalAC Adapter

Targus90W UniversalAC Adapter

In all, this Targus charger is definitely the best! It might be able to supplant all of your other chargers. You will be very happy with this charger, especially in your travels! It is so convenient! You will never have any complaints about it! Catch up with our flash deal on this fantastic product, click here to save 50$ today with us only 19.99$! Even ebay or Amazon doesn’t provide this price! Totally worth it!

Tips: If your laptop doesn’t have a little round charging hole, you probably won’t be able to use this item.

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