Introducing Esoterism iPhone5 Cases—Hands Don’t Lie

Unlike those bulky element cases for iPhone 5 out there in the market, Esoterism cases for iPhone 5 are easier in hand and effective against breakage. With a chic finish, Esoterism iPhone 5 cases have a super eye catching cool design. Esoterism believe in creation of desire. They design every product with the same attention to details. Aim to enrich your mobile lifestyle experience with Luxury accents with comfort, leisure and trend of the fashion. Click here to browse the products from this brand. Hands Don’t Lie, Feel Esoterism!

Esoterism® Moat-5 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5

Esoterism® Moat-5 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5

Below is introducing to Esoterism iPhone 5 cases:

Lines: What I saw in iPhone 5, was Steve Jobs continuing simplicity, attention to details and completed by using CNC computer technology. We look into different possibilities of manufacturing processes. Because we want to exceed the overall quality of production, implementing carving technology with computer numerical control was the only solution. Apple are very precise with their creations, such as MacBooks, iMac, iPhone to iPad, are all great examples of CNC technology. Our products are also carefully refined with precision because of the CNC manufacturing. We dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort on the emphasis of the feel and connection through the hands. The characteristic and quality of the products needs to be expressed through lines, even though the lines may not be as direct and obvious. We elevated the limitation of carving technology to present the lines in a more dynamic manner. For designs to be realized fitting perfectly in your hands the curvature of the lines can only be crafted with the combination of multiple carving equipment and programs. The only way to inject emotions feel, establish connections is through the precision of CNC. The reason we name it Embrace: Because when you hold it gives you the feeling of intimacy, connects to each other. It took over a month to complete our first prototype. We are now able to narrow down the manufacturing process to within an hour, through basic principles of industrial design and manufacturing processes. The material used in our bumpers is 6061 aluminum alloy which eliminates and absorbs impact, gives iPhone full protection. In order for our products to match with Apple’s we use the same method and passion as Apple. Embrace is the most real and direct emotion one can express to show their passion. We should embrace the device that we adore.

Esoterism® Embrace-5 Enchanted 100 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5

Esoterism® Embrace-5 Enchanted 100 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5

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