Recommending Case-Mate® Glitter Glam Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Quite a few papers have said women are naturally easily attracted by bright shiny objects. Since having the ability to see more brilliance in the flash of color reflected back to their eyes, women are fascinated and appreciated with beauty of shiny things. It is true for me at least. I mean I do not particularly like jewelry, whoever I will be mesmerized if I see something shiny or sparkly. And I just love to collect them. That’s why when the Glitter Glam case fist come in stock, I bought them immediately for my Samsung galaxy S3. I must say it is a very cute case!

Glam Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 pink

Glam Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 pink

The Glam case fits my Samsung Galaxy S3 perfect and fashionable. It easy to slide in and off! The glitter back is GORGEOUS and not tacky looking at all! It literally twinkles and glitters as it catches the light at different angles. This is something that other cases tend to be but overdone with so many great but rough crystals which eventually fall off. Case-Mate® Glam Case is glittery without feeling the glitter. With a layer of acrylic, this case keeps glitter molded into the material and never come off at all. The silky smooth outer coat on top keep the case stays looking new and more polished at all times.

Glam Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Silver

Glam Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Silver

The Glitter Glam Case feels good and sleek in hand without bulkiness. It’s slim, which makes the phone easier to hold, and getting to the buttons no problem. It offers solid protection including a thick lip around the screen, plus a rubber lining inside, you can tell it offers good protection even the corners. After MANY hard drops I did on various hard surfaces such as cement and tile floors(I really should be more careful after.), the case does not scratch at all even when you look really close at it.

I just love this Glam case. It is sparkle, smooth and fabulous! I have received many compliments when I go out with it! These cases not only protect the phone better, but very important it looks great! Highly recommend it for Samsung Galaxy S3 users. It is WORTH YOUR MONEY!

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