Incase® Sonic Headphones EC30040 Review

This new season, are you ready to move on to something new? To fresh your ears from day to day listening, Incase® Sonic Headphones have a nice solid sound and construction. They offer a fuller more controlled sound which is able to more fulfilling your music need than other Ears pairs.

Incase® Sonic Headphones

Incase® Sonic Headphones

After a little bit of digging around, we decided to recommend you the Incase Sonic headphones today. It has a very Apple like appearance. Since they are using top designer on staff, this model is of course gorgeous. With a slight rubberized feel, the fit and finish is wonderfully tidy and detailed. They are respectable solid: Even if they struggle against a rough surface, the coatings will never peeling off.

Incase® Sonic Headphones

Incase® Sonic Headphones

These Sonic headphones offer beautiful, sturdy and crisp sounds without going overboard. So you don’t have to worry about blowing the drivers when pushing them heavily in loud environments.  It has enough shine in the highs to give you a nice clarity. The bass response is surprising; it leaves plenty of headroom for the rest of the music to hear while still providing enough of punch to feel a nice warm bottom end. They are incredibly comfortable on your head. The soft fabric used has a nice cushion to it that allows the user to have these on for a long time. It is one of the most natural feeling pair of over ears.

The Sonic has a detachable audio cable with a non-obtrusive Apple compatible remote built in. The cable is just long enough to reach into a pocket and of course nice for transport. Moreover, with a nicely padded carrying bag supplied, it is a snap to carry them around with you in your backpack while travelling. You will be pleasantly surprised with Incase® Sonic Headphones. It is a Great product that we highly recommend! Simply click here to order from us! And the shipping is free!

Weight 1.00
UPC 650450116181
Model EC30040

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