5 Great Wedding Gift Ideas from 123InkCartridges

This wedding season, have you already prepared the wedding gifts for your soon-to-be-married friends or relatives? Not yet? Need some suggestions? Not a problem. Check out our website at life & fun stuff department, you will have a wide range of selection of a clever,stylish and unexpected gift idea. As a beginning, today we’ve come up with 5 Creative choices from this department that will leave a wow-worthy impression on their big day.

Donkey® TANTE EMMA ETAGERE wedding gift

Donkey® TANTE EMMA ETAGERE wedding gift

  • XDDESIGN® Solar Suntree

If the bride and groom is the iPhone user and they happen to be Environmentalists, XDDESIGN® Solar Suntree is perfect for them, Now 40%off, 89.99$ only! (was 149.99$). With a real eye catcher of handmade bamboo tree trunk, 9 pieces white ABS leaves with solar surface collecting capacity 5.2V/20mA per solar panel. By using Solar cell technology plus a powerful 1350mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside, Suntree is able charge your mobile phone or MP3 Player with an USB output and mini-USB input. The Battery output is 5V/max.1000mA. I will put a star on this product because of the detail. The producer put the protection foil on every solar panel. Moreover, it is very sweet that they prepare a mini USB cable for you.

XDDESIGN® Solar Suntree wedding gift

XDDESIGN® Solar Suntree wedding gift

  • j-me®Wine Rack (Available in two shape: Grape & Cactus)

For the grooms who are wine lovers, this is a nice gift for their cellar. With a cleverly integrated function, the Powder coated steel made j-me®Wine Rack can holds up to 8 or 9 bottles (It is depend on the shape) with a dimension of 430 X 400 X 100 mm. My recommendation: If he/she thinks that marriage is a desert, chose the cactus thorns shaped wine rack. It will reminds he/she that, if a cactus can enjoy the life in the desert, you too. If he/she wants a baby soon, chose the Grape shaped wine rack. It is a blessing to the newly married that they will have a lot of kids.

Wedding gift j-me®Cacuts Wine Rack

Wedding gift j-me® Cactus Wine Rack

j-me®Grape Wine Rack wedding gift
j-me®Grape Wine Rack wedding gift


For the brides who love to enjoy the afternoon tea time. Donkey® TANTE EMMA ETAGERE is the best item for her to add into the afternoon tea set. With 3 unique étagère plate plus one cup, She will enjoy the afternoon tea in an order relax and elegant style. The cup and plates are made of real china with delicate patterns, and they can be setup and undo manually.

 Donkey® TANTE EMMA ETAGERE Wedding gift

Donkey® TANTE EMMA ETAGERE Wedding gift


The Tetris desk lamp is the perfect gift for fans of the ever-popular Tetris®™ video game. Once the blue Tetrimino is plugged in and illuminated, the other Tetriminos can be added in endless combinations. As soon as each Tetrimino comes into contact with one already illuminated, it too will light up. Remove it from the rest of the Tetris™ Light and it immediately turns off. There are countless ways the Tetris™ Light can be stacked, just put your Tetris™ gaming skills to the test. The Tetris™ Light contains seven individual Tetrimino lights and an AC adaptor. I will say it is a pretty good Entertainment to Release the pressure when the couple just finish a fight. Check out our video in below!



Seven-piece interlocking light fixture for fans of Tetris

Pieces can be stacked in any combination

LED light turns on when the pieces are stacked together and stays off when dissembled

Dimensions: 7″ x 4″ x 1″ (height and width vary depending on stacked pattern)

Power: Plugs into standard US 110v outlet

Weight: 3.5 ounces

  •  Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

This Hello Kitty Pancake Maker is for the fans of “Hello Kitty” of course. It is durable and easy to use and clean. Whoever it is also a good gift for the new couples who already have a daughter and/or for the bride who is a sweet heart never want to grow up. Imagine this Scene: In the morning, she will bring a plate of “Hello Kitty” shaped pancakes to him. No matter she is a daughter or a wife, this is the most lovely breakfast he will ever had.

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker wedding gift

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker wedding gift

Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 7.7 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds

Item model number: APP-61209

Manufacturer recommended age: 18 months – 4 years

Wedding gift Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

Wedding gift Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

Have you got a brief idea about what to give to the soon-to-be-married? It is so exciting just think about what joy you will bring to their new life. Go check more on our life & fun stuff department today. Properly, you will find much more ideas from there.

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