The Samsung SCX-3405W Multifunctional Printer at the Cheapest

SCX-3405 laser printer

SCX-3405 laser printer

People find it hard to believe the facts that the Samsung SCX-3405W laser printer is as portable and convenient compared to any traditional inkjet printer, in today’s blog I am gonna spend a bit content talking about this printer as well as its toner cartridges, I am sure that you will amazed by the superior feature that the Samsung SCX-3405W can offer to you, in the price which is selling as low as $85.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Cheapest SCX-3405W laser printer

Cheapest SCX-3405W laser printer

The Samsung SCX – 3405W Multifunctional Printer is well known for reason, first of all, it’s from one of the most reputable brands which specialized in home electronic, this printer is multifunctional, which basically mean that this is not merely a printer, moreover, you can scan, copy, print as well as fax (if you have the Samsung SCX – 3405FW), it is perfect suitable to both office or individual usages, with its amazing wireless in-built feature, it will even make this printer a powerful machine to have inside the office, very simple to use, no matter if you are talking about the set up to configuration, we ensure you that this will be best laser printer that we would recommend you, without mentioning the facts that the smallest size that you basically won’t see it from any other laser printers.

samsung SCX-3405W laser printer

samsung SCX-3405W laser printer

The first key aspect for making this SCX-3405W laser printer a powerful machine is due to its fast speed, image that if you are able to print up to 21 ppm in less than 14 second, not surprise enough? What about taking consideration by judging the quality of print, the compact and quiet sound that they made during in printer as well as its 10000 page monthly duty cycle, regardless of even mention its ECO button in which will allow you to both the toner and paper up to your customization. I will point it out the advantages in point form at the following:

  1. Scan, copy, print, fax all in one up to 40 sheets in a fast speed printing mode
  2. The SCX-3405W is perhaps one of the smallest laser printers in the market
  3. You will be able to connect your mobile device or tablet by using the Mobile Print APP
  4. Print 21 pages a minute, with superior quality printing performance without causing much toner
  5. It can be either use for both small business or larger office environment up to their needs
  6. With its convenient wifi feature, you will need to more few button and they will do everything!

Toner cartridges for Samsung SCX-3405W

Compatible Toner Cartridges: Samsung MLT-D101S New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge $54.99

OEM Toner Cartridges: Samsung MLT-D101S OEM Black Toner Cartridge  $84.99


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