Best iPad Mini Cases 2013 (Lots of pictures)

MagFolio Fresh Bloom Stand Case Cover for iPad Mini Kindle Fire HD 7inch

MagFolio Stand Case Cover for iPad Mini Kindle Fire HD 7inch

Uf…So many option to choose; so hard to get the right iPad mini case” this is perhaps the most similar sensation that you would likely to have every time when you visit to the apple store under the iPad case section. The iPad accessories market is fully saturated by too much opportunities, this industry is so called a chaotic battlefield which is full of confusion because its different brands, qualities as well as its unexplanable price tag,. Today in this article, I will introduce you how to choose a good iPad mini case and what are the best mini case to start with from our store.

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best iPad mini case

best iPad mini case

The first thing that you need to know, the iPads are not immortal, I mean, this is just merely a portable device, well known by its touch screen technology, so it’s very fragile, especially the center screen as well as its edge, many people choose to going out with their iPad device naked, which I don’t mind, but I won’t do it personally, WHY? The answer is simple, Apple store doesn’t really take care of the problem when you accidentally break your screen from any physical drops or the worse- liquid damages, even those might sound very stupid to all of you, but trust me, and it happens quite a lot! No matter how careful person you are.

leather ipad mini case cover

leather ipad mini case cover

iPad Mini Case:

iPad mini case offer one of the best protection to your iPad device, since the iPad mini only got 7- inch, which pretty much means that the size bezels has to be extremely narrow, you can reference to the Kindle or other ebook reader device, so in my opinion the Griffin style folio case with the flip cover, it will be always my best choice, the folio iPad mini case not just prevent shock when it drops, moreover, it prevent the device directly expose to liquid when you bring it to outdoor. Griffin® Elan iPad mini Folio ($39.99) will be my top choice to have fun with.

ipad mini smart cover 2013

ipad mini smart cover 2013

iPad Mini Smart Cover:

The smart cover style iPad mini case is also an excellent way to protect your iPad mini device, it is not only the most convenient way to protect your front screen, also, it’s just a slim cover which is extremely easy to install and remove, the iPad smart cover is not heavy at all, this type of cover can rotate in the back and serve it as a keyboard stand, which is quite handy every time you are watching moving typing and even playing video game.

ipad mini case

ipad mini case

iPad Bags:

Since the iPad mini is still the newest iPad model in the gadget industry, so you probably won’t see a lot iPad bag in the store, so as my suggestion, it would be a good idea if you place your iPad mini device into a messenger bag or something like laptop case  for enhancing the portability, however, in this type of case you got less protection, so it’s not really not my personal choice, you can taking the reference to the article here: is there such a thing as a good iPad bag



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