The New Dell XPS 15 L521x Laptop is In stock!

DELL XPS-L521X Gaming Laptop

DELL XPS-L521X Gaming Laptop

DELL XPS-L521X review

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Today we are going to introduce you our DELL XPS 15 Laptop in a detail content. If you have already used Dell’s laptop before, then you will sooner realized how different and advanced that the Dell XPS 15 series have delivered, no matter if you are talking about its weight, design, performance as well as the pricing, the Dell XPS L521x will definitely become one of the best in the market, with its amazing price which is currently selling for $949.99 (Cheaper than stores as Best buy, Futureshop..etc), regardless of mentioning its advance Core i5, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 500 gb,VIDEO CARD GT630 1G, the performance of this ultrabook laptop is pretty much resemble to Apple’s 13” Macbook.

DELL XPS 15 Gaming Laptop XPS-L521X

DELL XPS 15 Gaming Laptop XPS-L521X

The DELL XPS 15 L521x features ultra slim, thin, and sleek design, the material was made by high quality aluminum and carbon fiber, such design will prevent scratches and damages on the surface, the XPS 15 ultrabook slim 6 mm  and features with 15.6” HD display. One of the thing that I like about this laptop is its keyboard as well as its amazing graphic card. Since most of the ultrathin’s laptop doesn’t really support accurate typing due to the difficulty of the design, however, I found this XPS 15 model grant me the capability to type perfectly, good sensitivity, nice feel when you touching the keyboard, perfect caliberation, although I have read some issue regard to trackpad isn’t the best, for me, I found no problem with that at all. The audio part is another important key aspect for this laptop, even the audio system can’t compare with other best high-end laptop which costs more than $2000, however, it is perhaps the best sound among other Ultrabooks, if you are curerently a student looking for afforadable and power machine for both gaming and work, then this Dell XPS 15 L521x will be deinfetely your best choice.

DELL XPS 15 laptop

DELL XPS 15 laptop

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