Stainless Steel Egg Timer

Stainless Steel Egg Timer

Stainless Steel Egg Timer











Never burn dinner again! If you can cook it, you can time it with Norpro’s Egg Timer. The solid, heavy-duty design is versatile for all your kitchen needs。Shop Stainless Steel Egg Timer from 123inkcartridges.,ca. Be a skill cooker.

First we should define what an egg timer is. There are two types of “egg timers.” First are general purpose timers or kitchen timers that are shaped like eggs. Second are timers specifically made to time eggs that are cooked by boiling. The former technically can be called egg timers because setting them to 3, 5, 12 minutes will yield a soft boiled, medium cooked, and hard boiled eggs respectively。

The beauty of this egg timer is that by virtue of its timing nature, you get perfectly cooked eggs no matter how many you cook. Twenty eggs might require a different time from boiling one egg with a traditional timer. The egg timer does away with all the guess work and even compensates for high altitude cooking.

Attractive Stainless Steel Egg Timer,Solid and heavy duty to last a lifetime.Brushed 18/10 stainless steel.Versatile for all your kitchen needs. Times from one minute to 60 minutes。Easy to use,easy take, very convenience. Extra long ring. Small enough that you can carry it with you–to the exercise room, to the garden, or around the block .Three inches tall with a flat, stable base.

Stainless Steel Egg Timer

Stainless Steel Egg Timer


Package include: 1 X Stainless steel egg timer




Never stop in your surprise, you can cook your diner well. A wise house lady will shop it right now. At this promotion season, you have chance to enjoy our more discount. Visit us

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