Get Free Shipping And Enjoy The Freedom To Charge Anywhere With The Seidio Charging Vault Kit

Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit For Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones

Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit For Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones

When you are traveling, and outside the house, all a sudden the battery of you phone been used out, there’s no way to find a  outlet for charging, what can you do?  Now the Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit can offer you help, order it now on for $49.99, shipping is free.

The Charging Vault provides you with a new kind of convenience, functioning both as a wall charger and a portable extended battery. This lightweight power solution alleviates the worry of trying to find an outlet when you’re traveling from place to place. Plug in your Charging Vault before you leave your home, toss it in your bag, and enjoy the freedom to charge anywhere.

Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit

Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit


Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit

- 80.90 mm x 60.54 mm, 4.1 oz without cable
- Blue LED lights indicate charging level
- Auto-shut off function prevents overcharging
- Retractable dual-head sync & charge cable (Micro-USB) included
- Features a 2200mAh internal battery and two USB ports, so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time when connected to an outlet

[ Compatibility:]

- Compatible with most USB devices, including Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones 
- Charging Vault not recommended for use with tablets.

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