The Twilight Snail Night Light

The Twilight Snail Night Light

The Twilight Snail Night Light

If you kid can not fall asleep when the bedroom over dark in the night??

The Twilight Snail Night Light

The Twilight Snail Night Light














This cute night time companion transforms nurseries and bedrooms into starry wonderlands that will mesmerise kids and insomniac adults alike. Thanks to The Twilight Snail Night Light show, little angels should have no problems nodding off to bobo-land. Watch the stars twinkle in 4 soothing color options: ocean blue, emerald green, warm red and joyful yellow

As well as its soporific qualities, The Twilight Snail Night Light is ideal for aspiring Patrick Moores because its realistic mass of twinkling stars includes eight genuine constellations. What`s more it comes with a beautifully illustrated Star Guide, so you can identify the Big Dipper and pretend you know your stuff when kids point skywards. (Wearing a monocle, talking really fast and hanging out with Brian May is entirely optional).

Don`t worry about tip-toeing back in the room to switch off The Twilight Snail Night Light because a 60 minute sleep timer with auto shut-off means you can the kids night night and leave this glowing gizmo to work its twinkly magic. In fact, Twilight Turtle is so effective we`re starting to feel sleepy just writing about it. So hurry up and hit the Buy button before.

Take it from you are the best house lady, it is time to care your kid’s feeling.


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