What is the Difference between HDMI Input and Output?

The changes in technology have made it possible for individuals to enjoy quality pictures and sounds through their televisions. Days when individuals used to watch analogue pictures are long gone. This is informed by the fact that the advancements in technology brought phenomenal changes in the electronic. People are always at pains to find out what is the difference between HDMI input and output. HDMI inputs on a receiver are basically meant to help you connect your DVD and any other device you can connect to your receiver using HDMI. HDMI output on the other hand is used to connect ones receiver to a TV. It’s imperative to note that HDMI carries both video and audio signals. What this essentially means is that individuals can enjoy uncompressed streams of digital data through quality videos and sounding system.

The reason why many televisions come with many inputs is because they want a person to be able to connect the peripherals to a receiver and inadvertently use the receiver as a switching device. The output on the other hand is basically meant to be connected to your TV and most of the time televisions come with only one output. In a nutshell, the difference between HDMI input and output is basically on the connection and purpose. The HDMI input provides you with an opportunity to connect a number of devices to your receiver while the output is essential in connecting to your television.

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    One comment on “What is the Difference between HDMI Input and Output?
    1. imsarky says:

      I know the difference between input and output on hdmi,but is there a phyical difference or is it the software or both.

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