First glance at the new iPad

Finally, Apple announced new iPad today. The name is [The new iPad]. I guess even Tim Cook himself can’t not persuade himself that would be a dynamite, hardly called 3 though. All the fans may have the same feeling of releasing the iPhone 4S. Of course we see a lot upgraded …

In short: Retina screen, A5X processor, 2’048 X 1’536 pixels screen resolution,5-megapixelwith 1080p HD videos recording, 4G support, voice dictation,9 hour long battery last. It will be sold on Canada on 16th of March. Price is the same as iPad 2 before. Wi-Fi only price starts at $499, with 4G starting at $629.

What really highlight of the new iPad may be the HD resolution Retina screen and upgraded processor. Retina screen of new iPad exceeds any current tablet or laptop has, even more clearly than your 23’’ monitor. The whole look of its screen, absolutely stunning and then.. that’s it.  Well, the new iPad may not have too much revolution, but it is a new start of tablet and pc market, which give other developers whatever more tech to follow or more new idea to burst out in the future.

The smoother working, quicker response and stunning screen have already brought us to the new area. We see this new iPad is trend to entertainment, which means it is nicely to browse and edit your photos, watch movies and play games. It also could be another level for people who want to read digital books on the device.

We will see in the future apple bring us the real 3 generation both iPad and iPhone.



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