You really know SlimPort to VGA adapter?

Slimport™ micro USB to VGA adapter

Many people may wrongly consider that VGA adapter or adapter make little difference for your smart phone or Apple mac.But the truth is that a great adapter can really plays a big role.So, todayi would like to talk about this briefly.The new VGA adapter SlimPort is a tool that make possible for mobile device to a VGA monitor or projector.With Higher display resolution and richer color depth advantages,that can greatly help the mobile pictures or multimedia contents come to life on a big screen.Enjoy multi-screen productivity with the connection of a simple VGA Plug-N-Play connectivity on any HDTV, Monitor or Projector in the world without the need of an external power adapter.

In the meantime,the 60 frames per second allows you to enjoy the fun of games,videos and any other fast moving content without need to worry about any display artifacts.Additionally,the adapter also comes with a micro-USB receptacle to facilitate charging during the display including quick charging if supported by the mobile device and travel charger.

As another point of reference,lately,it make great improve that can fully compatible with LG Optimus G Pro SmartPhones.Plug-N-Play functionality with SlimPort enabled Optimus G Pro & LG G2 to any VGA display.

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Your Great Slimport micro USB to HDMI adapter

Slimport™ micro USB to HDMI adapter

How many features you expect from an adapter?Full-HD 1080 resolution,3D video and 8-channel sound,or Ultra-HD displays with up to 4K resolution ?It’s features are endless,the build quality is superb.This adapter connects SlimPort capable of mobile devices to HDMI monitors or TVs,supporting Full HD resolution videos and pictures from your mobile device viewed on a large screen.Everything you can expect from our Slimport.And i  would like to inform you that drop price on it,with amazing price $16.99,while the prime value was $59.89 !It’s a great deal,right?

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Your Ultimate S215 RC Camera Helicopter Open Box Review

I am not sure that how many readers will be interested about the S215 RC Helicopter, but I am going to spend some content today talk about this since I tested this item several days ago at our studio and suddently I came out the idea that I wanna share my own experience how I felt about this product starting from a simple open box review, also I would like to inform all of you that we will offering this RC helicopter at the unbeatable price on our web site for 7 days limited time sale with 68% off discount so that is $39.99, so if you are looking for fun toy for your kids, or if you are an RC toy fan and looking for something solid that can be controlled by their mobile device, you should definitely continue reading in the following:


RC helicopter review

RC helicopter review

Let’s start with a short introduction about RC Helicopter model, first for all, this is not a RC helicopter, this is more than that, if you actually take a look about this package, you will realize that this is a RC with the embedding camera,  and you are basically using your mobile devices (let’s say your iPhone or Android system) to control it, and one thing I love about t his item is I don’t actually need to buy  an extra SD card or card reader to store my video footages, it’s all included inside as package and you can clearly see that without opening your box, and since this product is well package, so at the first glance this is pretty much a perfect gifting option for me.

RC S215 Helicopter open box review

RC S215 Helicopter open box review

According to the web site this RC S215 is 3.5 Channels and as I said they give you a SD card for free which is 512mb, the packaging itself included  a helicopter(of course), a camara that has attached with the  device itself, it’s kind of tiny and small but for me this indicated that this product is going to be durable because I don’t really need to worry about whether the helicopter fall on the ground and break the camera, which might happen a lot if you are just a beginner and got no clue how to control it. This RC toy is very light, I measure it with the ruler and it’s approximately 22 cm, other than the machine itself you will also find a USB charger cable recharging, a card reader that will allow you transfer the video file that you took from the helipcoter mode and also some replacement  for the top blade and underneath blade just in case that your  RC toy has fall badly and break it, which rarely happen in my opinion since they have the a special semi cut design for the blade, during the test I had fall more than 10 times and it works great and nothing happen, I would recommend outdoor or specious area whenever you want to try out this little devil! I am sure that you will love it.

rc 215 toys

rc 215 toys

People might probably ask, “ How to do fly this RC helicopter?” it will be quite simple if you read my following instruction guide, they also have their own user manual and you can take that as reference.

S215 RC Helicopter

S215 RC Helicopter

How do you fly S215 RC SpyCam helipcoter?

1) After you open the box, make sure you plus the USB charge cable for charging both remote control as well as the helipcoter itself, the instruction recommend an hour or a bit more.

2) During the time of charging waiting, please following the guidance for downloading the app on either iOS or Andriod system, the app is called “WL Toys” and when you use it choose the “SPY CAM” option. This app will allow different model s and you will have to pick the right one in order to fully remote it.

3) When you finished both charging device, simply plug in the remote charge into your phone, open the app and select the spy cam and then turn on by maximize your volume. Please make sure that your helicopter is also power ON and you should see the flashing light

4) Turn ON your remote, select which channel that you want to (A/B/C) and then test first by choosing the light button to see if the light is flashing, I do not recommend the DEMO option since the RC toy will fly too high unless you are in a specious or outdoor environment which height might not really matter.

5) Enjoy it and be familiar with your control, I am sure that you will find this amusing.

That’s it, it simple than you think, for more information regarding indepth review and how to use it, I recommend you to watch the following youtube video to get more insight, feel free to write to us some comments if you like this post, I will see you guys around, have a great Good Friday !


ONLY $5!Qmadix Crave Case for iPhone 5/5S

Can you believe that $5 = iPhone 5/5S case !

Crave Cover Case is make for Phone 5/5S from Tri-Fused shock-absorbent material with a sophisticated outer shell that provides maximum protection for your iPhone.which is also now on sale and the price is $5.00$ only (was 29.99$). It is able to protect your iphone from scratches and shocks without compromising its form and functionality.

Qmadix Crave Case for iPhone 5 or 5S

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Mini Display Port Thunderbolt to HDMI & VGA Adapter

Mini Display Port Thunderbolt to HDMI & VGA Adapter

This Mini Display Port capable of connecting a standard mode display, projector, or a LCD with VGA or HDMI port or cable to your Mac according to its mini Display port.Therefore you can enjoy videos and slideshows on the big screen with family and friends.It is also now on 30%off and the price is 22.99$ only (was 32.99.99$)Free shipping available for all orders above $49.

Mini Display Port Thunderbolt to HDMI & VGA Adapter

Benefits from Mini Display Port Thunderbolt:

  • Support Mini Display Port (DP) to HDMI and VGA output
  • Aluminum casing minimizes EM interference
  • Compact design allows adjacent port access unobstructed.
  • The built-in conversion chip, without external power supply
  • HDMI V1.3 compliant supporting Full HD display at 1080P up to 10.2Gbps video bandwidth.
  • Tested to support 24-bits color.
  • Supports Multi-channel surround audio pass through.
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Mini Display Port M/M for Apple Macbook,Macbook Pro,Macbook Air,Mac Mini Laptop

The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable M/M lets you connect your Mini DisplayPort equipped Mac to a high definition display such as an HDTV, projector or a monitor .This cable is mobile enough for you to carry wherever you go. Use it in your hotel room on business trips or watch movies from your MacBook at a friend’s house.Primecables offers you $7.99 only,Original Value:$15.99,Limited Quantities!

Mini Display Port M/M to HDMI 3FT Cable for Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, Mac Mini Laptop

Benefits from Mini Display Port M/M to HDMI 3FT Cable:
Brand new and high quality.
Supports HDMI highest video resolution 1080p.
Supports Mini DisplayPort 1.1a input and HDMI 1.3b output.
Supports HDMI 225mhz/2.25Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps all channel) bandwidth.
Supports HDMI 12bit per channel (36bit all channel) deep color.
Supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM, including DTS-HD and Dolby True HD.
Supports compressed audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital.
Suitable for MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air ,and iMac with Mini DisplayPort. Also other Mac computers with Mini DisplayPort.
Length: 3FT.

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