How to Choose The Right Photo Printer

The major printer technologies for home use are Inkjet, Laser and Thermal Dye Sublimation.

Among these three types of printers, inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printer, they have a low start-up cost – less expensive than laser printers and ink cartridges are cheaper than toner cartridges. In printing documents, inkjet printers can print finer, smoother details through higher resolution. The range in prices for inkjet printers is significant, different quality, different price, you can only pay under $50 or more than hundreds to get a printer. As for the print paper, inkjet papers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4×5” through 36×48”, and inkjet papers are different from all other photo papers, they include an extremely broad variety of fiber-based (and non fiber-based) surfaces. In addition to small inkjet printers widely used in home and office, there is another professional inkjet printer, called large format printer, which you’ll see in most design companies or advertisement companies. This type of printer is mainly used in printing high-volume business communications that do not need high-quality layout and color.

A thermal dye-sublimation printer is a computer printer which uses digital printing technology, it specializes in graphics, while the inkjet printer were widely used in printing correspondence, spreadsheets and other standard text documents. As thermal dye sublimation printers produce images with a continuous range of colors, they can produce more natural-looking shades and color mixes as well as high end inkjet printers. So if you want to print your own photos or other graphical materials for your business, a dye sublimation model is an ideal choice.

Laser printers are excellent for document printing, as well as copying and scanning, they can produce excellent print quality, both black & white, as well as color. It is no doubt that toner cartridges can last much longer than inkjet cartridges, and compared to an inkjet printer, a laser printer can print document (especially larger documents) in faster speed. But it is not great for photos and image-heavy documents, so if you want to print photos, go for inkjet, as inkjet printer can do a better job of blending smooth colors.

Multifunction Printers & Professional Photo Printers

Multifunction Printer is an office machine which incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one, can be divided into 3-in-1 Printer and 4-in-1 Printer.

With a 3-in-1 printer, you can scan photos, copy files and print out reports all in one place.

A 4-in-1 printer serves several functions, including printing, faxing, scanning, and copying.

A photo printer is an electronic printer that can print high-quality digital photos instantly, it is usually a single function printer.

Which Printer do Professional Photographers Prefer?

Professional photographers usually have a certain demand for photo size, they will display their A3 or A3+ size picture more than A4 size. So most of them will prefer to buy a A3+ desktop printer, or even a larger format printer.

Color rendition is of great importance for printing high quality photos, Canon imagePROGRAF Graphic Arts Printers is an excellent device for making quality prints, if you want to participate in photography exhibition, this photo printer will be your perfect choice.

What Parameters Are Necessary?

With a wide selection of printing technologies, configurations, and styles, choosing the right printer can be a challenge. However, the wide variety of options means that anyone can find a printer which is perfect for them. First you need to ask yourself what kind of printer you want and what do you want to print – documents or photo? Or something else? If you print photos often, then let me tell you how to choose the right printer:

The first parameter should be noted I think is what paper sizes does the printer support? Paper size is the size of the paper used for printing. If the printer cannot print the size you want, then you cannot print the picture you like to a specific size.

Photo papers are designed to produce a high quality image, but some type of photo paper can vary according to different printer models, like art paper. If you only use glossy paper to print photos, then there is nothing you have to worry about, as almost all printer can support glossy paper of different brands.

If you print photos more than documents, then an inkjet printer or a dye sublimation model will be the right printer for you. Both of these two types of printers use ink cartridges to print photos, but in different way of course. Generally, the photo print quality is in proportion to the amount of the ink cartridge and the resolution. Typically the more the cartridges, the more precise the quality and color range.

If you want to buy a dye sublimation printer, I recommend you to buy Canon Selphy Series Printer, like Selphy CP1200, Selphy CP910, with the Canon Print inkjet/selphy app, you can easily print your favorite Facebook and Instagram memories right wirelessly and effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet. And each selphy ink and paper kit comes with exactly enough of each to Print 18, 36, or 54 photos.

As for inkjet printers, I highly recommend Canon PIXMA Pro-1 or Epson Stylus Photo R3000. With high capacity inks ideal for medium print runs and a small footprint, Epson Stylus Photo R3000 this A3+ printer makes professional-quality prints accessible. The PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet Printer is the quintessential tool for the professional photographer, using LUCIA 12 pigment ink system for professional image performance up to 13″ x 19″. If you are not satisfied with these two printers, then you can choose Epson Stylus Pro Series, like Stylus Pro 2400, 3800, 3880, 4800, 7800, 9800 printers and so on, these printers use Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink, can create exciting new possibilities for photographic and print professionals with the superior level of printing precision, durability and quality, plus three levels of black. The results are an unrivalled black and white capability that could exceed anything seen before from a colour printer, as well as great colour to buy Canon Selphy Series Printer, like Selphy CP1200, Selphy CP910, with the Canon Print inkjet/selphy app, you can easily print your favorite Facebook and Instagram memories right wirelessly and effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet . And each selphy ink and paper kit comes with exactly enough of each to Print 18, 36, or 54 photos.





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How to Choose a Satisfying Printer at Home

It’s more and more general now that almost every family has a computer. For home users, sometimes it needs to do some printing, such as the photos of family traveling. Also, the last one or two years the price of the printer has been accepted for home users, and the performance is also good, so many families will buy a printer at home.

However, it’s many brands on today’s printer marker, a lot of people do not know how to choose a satisfying printer. The following article mainly to talk about how to buy a satisfying printer from the using aspect.

For the Family, What Printer is the Most Suitable

On today’s printer market, there are a variety of printers. The printer using at home have to highlight the practicality of the family, that is, satisfy the needs of both to print office and home entertainment. For home-style needs, inkjet printers can not be better.

How to Choose an Inkjet Printer From the Usage

It would be better that to analyze the purpose of your buying at first before you buy an inkjet printer. Simply divide the use, it can be divided into two parts: print texts and print photos. Some people who work with many texts often print documents at home and be supplemented by printing photos, then Canon or Brother inkjet printer is a better choice for this kind of people.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Business Smart Plus All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer ideal for home office and small business productivity. MFC-J5330DW is a small business-durable machine with flexible paper handling. The 250-sheet paper tray holds up to 11”x17” paper and offers automatic duplex (2-sided) printing. The auto document feeder adds the convenience of unattended scan and copy with a 50-sheet capacity. For added versatility, the single-sheet bypass tray allows printing on specialty paper such as card stock and envelopes. It gives you a full menu of choices for connecting to Apple®, Android™, Kindle Fire™, Windows® Phone, or Blackberry mobile devices via: AirPrint®, Google Cloud Print™, Brother iPrint & Scan, Cortado Workplace and also Wi-Fi Direct®, which allows you to print wirelessly from a computer or mobile device without the need for a router.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Business Smart Plus All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer & The Matching Ink Cartridges

Brother MFC-J5330DW Business Smart Plus All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer & The Matching Ink Cartridges

If you want to higher quality photos, the six-color PHOTO series of machines are much better than the four-color COLOR series.

Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer can bring superior quality and many wireless capabilities to your home office. 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi produces incredible quality and detail in both your business documents and photos. Print a Beautiful borderless 4″ x 6″ photo in approximately 21 seconds. MX922 also has a new high-capacity 250-sheet plain paper cassette so you can focus on your work and not be running out of paper! This can bring office efficiency to all-new levels and help reduce costs at the same time.

Canon Printers Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer & The Matching Ink Cartridges

Canon Printers Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer & The Matching Ink Cartridges

If you want to print photos by you own and printing texts is the secondary demand, at that time HP inkjet printer is the preferred choice. If you think highly of the quality of photos, you have better choose a technical photo printer.

HP X7N08A Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is a good one. With X7N08A, print photos from your smartphone or tablet as easily as you post them. Instantly share 2 x 3-inch (5 x 7.6 cm) snapshots or stickers of every fun-filled moment. Requires Android: 4.4 and higher / iOS: 8.0 and higher. Get creative! Add personality to your photos before you print them with frames, emojis, text, stickers, filters, and more. The HP Sprocket Photo Printer lets you easily share vibrant prints that capture all the fun-filled moments. With seamless Bluetooth® connectivity, you and all your friends can connect and print. HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper specially designed for your HP Sprocket Photo Printer. Ideal for people who snap photos on their phones and would like printed photos of their favorite moments to give to friends and decorate items or spaces.

HP X7N08A Sprocket Portable Photo Printer & The Matching Photo Paper

HP X7N08A Sprocket Portable Photo Printer & The Matching Photo Paper

How to Evaluate the Price Factor When Buying a Printer

The secondary factor is the purchase price, which is a one-time expenditure, most people think highly of. To ratiocinate logically, Spending $155 will not get the harvest of $300, good things will not be cheap, bad things can not be sold a nice price. It’s all known that you got what you paid for, so we need not too much preoccupied with the price. The price distinction after determining the demand is mainly in the machine’s grade.

There are two scales in the judgment of price and value: it is not very important that the price margin below $40, instead of put the personal needs and the use of printer first; on the contrary, the price margin above $100 is very important, there must be a clear performance or improvement of the indicators only can be consider.

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Best Printer Buying Guide – Consumer Reports on How to Choose the Best Printer Before you buy

Before reading this blog, I am sure about that the smart reader like you might had already Google searched terms such as” best printer buying guide consumer reports“, “CNET review for how to buy a printer” or even “printer buying guide from best buy“..etc, such site had provided in-depth content and printer review for helping you to choose the best printer that fits your needs, however, since the printer technology has advanced so fast during the last decades, the big company like HP had recently shifted their marketing strategies by pushing their “OEM ink cartridges” intensively by offering customer a so called “cheaper OEM cartridges”, on the other hand, the Epson is offering the eco-tank printer in order to compete for the cartridges industry, this will definitely shift the consumer behavior in term of choosing the printers that suit their needs. Customers no longer choose the printers through the traditional buying method including product review rating or durability test anymore, nowadays it’s more like the competition of supplies cost > the printer feature itself, feel free to read our how to choose your right printer page on our site !

Printer Industry facts that you should know:

  1. The battle between OEM & compatible ink cartridges
  2. Your cartridges cost might be more expensive than your printer
  3. compatible brands facts

The best way to choose your printer, is by using the 5W1H formula “what” “who” where” when” “why” and “how”( at least it applied for me), these method has been scientific proven to be efficient before sounding appropriate decision. Most of the people chooses their printer by the costs, which is not really a great idea because they neglect the facts how much will be the after-purchase costs, which could fluctuate according to the market (In this case the cartridges cost). A prominent example could be the Black Friday printer promotion, most of the seller can push the printer as low as $40 dollars per printer, and later increase the cartridges cost dramatically, so in long term, you are not actually saving the money!

The other example could be the HP brand, I remember 2 years ago, the price for the HP ink cartridges was very expensive, and the HP web site mostly relied sales from bigger retailer such as Staples, Best buy…etc, started from the end of 2016, we realized a tremendous changes for HP ink cartridges’ marketing strategy and around the beginning of 2017, HP spent tremendously advertising online, they had basically dominated the whole Google product listing campaigns, public transportation campaign and of course social media, and the most interesting thing, they did lower down their OEM price in order to compete with the compatible cartridges market share, which had influenced the cartridges price dramatically. By taking the two examples above, it is obvious that if you are planning to buy a printer, you better estimate the printer supplies cost in long run. Judging by the cost efficiency, I will always recommend our customers to go with the compatible ink cartridges, and the reason is, it’s always cheaper, no matter how hard OEM companies try to bid down the cost, compatible/manufacturer always stand out their price advantage based on the essence of production procedure and channels that they involved.

What type of printer that I should choose? 

Ideally, you do only have two main option, a laser printer or an inkjet printer, and the differences are varied by the printer ink cartridges that they used. For laser printer, they used the toner cartridges, the benefit of using this type of cartridges is the overall cost, since each toner cartridges uses powder and will be able to produce roughly 3000 pages, a monochrome laser printer (which only prints black & white), it will bring down the cost as low as 0.08 cents per page. In comparison to the inkjet printer, it will be able to print as low as 0.20 cents, so you are the person who does not print lots of images, use the printer at least 2 times per week, then the inkjet cartridges will be your best choice.
















Regard to compatible brand choices, if you are the person who love to compare price on Google or amazon/ ebay, it’s not hard for you to spot incredible deals that a cartridges can cost less than $1 dollar, but, do you think those are in fact good deal? The answer is No, and I would like to raise the awareness to our reader, if you  are  the type of people who really do not want troubles, please always select the branded compatible inks, you might pay a little bit more more (a few bucks), however, it is still much CHEAPER than the OEM one and also, most of the branded do have reputation, also means they can guarantee their defective rate is maintain at the minimum. For the $1 or $2 non-brand cartridges that you can find it on ebay, I highly doubt if you can find someone reachable to help you for the solution in case if that happen. That’s why choosing a brand such as like Moustache ink cartridges, which offers you warranty and have customer service support is definitely going to save you in the long term.

You can also read the article that has been featured by Gazette Montreal by understanding the Moustache brand story.


In our “How to choose the right printer” page, we have compiled an additional Step 5: extra features to consider: paper handling, duplex, ADF, USB flash port or installation efficiency. Those component are also important when you are purchasing a new printer, mostly it’s related to the environment and the purpose how you are going to use your printer for? Some people would like to use it for school, and some for their business,  if you are purchase the printer for your business then the printer features must be business orientated: Duplex, fast printing, lowest printing cost, wireless..etc.

Here are the best printers of 2017 from

Name Brother HL-L8260CDW Brother MFC-J985DW Canon imageClass LBP151dw Canon Pixma TS8020 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer Dell Color Smart Multifunction Printer S3845cdn Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590 HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One Printer HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556dn Samsung Multifunction Printer ProXpress C3060FW







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Have you wiki How to Choose a Printer ? (with Pictures)

We received tons of question regard to how to choose a printer” from customers on daily basis, choosing a right printer involved with lots of concerns, some concerns are environmental, and some are economical, no matter how do you shifting your perspective in term of picking the right printer for your work or tasks, it’s definitely one of the tough decision making especially for the people who is currently running a small company, whether you should choose a “inkjet printer” or “laserjet printer”,  “Monochrome printer” or  “color printer”?, whether you should choose an all-in-one printers? Such question, we have heard this a lots, and if you search these term on Google, a good site such as CNET or wikiHow might have covered in depth great content that will help you. However, the sites are not very clear with the budget issues since their goal is to be as neutral as possible, but all you have to know that, printer industry is a highly competitive market, and the price is always changing, and so does the technology, what we are trying to do today, is to help you to choose the right printer, it might not work for you forever, but considerable much longer that you expect.

Feel free to read the complete printer buying guide that prepared from 

Step 1: Inkjet or Laser Printer

The main differences between the both are the ink cartridges that they use, for inkjet printer, they use the ink cartridges, it’s mostly made by chemical liquid, and the toner cartridges for laser printer, which mainly use the powder.

Step 2: Single-function or Multifunction


Step 3: Monochrome (Black and White) or Color

The most simple way to interpret this is by thinking the following question ” What color should I use for the printing?” if you are type of person who print document a lot, for example, word document, excel sheet, invoices..etc, then go for Monochrome, otherwise, go for color printer.

Step 4: Connectivity


Step 5: Extra features to consider

  • Paper Handling : Which size of printer that your printer is compatible with
  • Duplex : Is your printer enable you to print for two sided?
  • ADF: AKA automatic document feeder, it basically means whether your printer will auto feed
  • Front USB flash drive port: Whether your printer is equipped with USB port.
  • Overall size and ease of installation

If you have any question regard to our printer buying guide, feel free comment us below or you can use the hashtag #ask123ink on our social media to get quicker solution. Hopefully this will be useful for you!


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How to choose the right printer- Your ultimate wikihow printer buying guide

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HP LaserJet Pro M102w Wireless Laser Printer is ON SALE now at 123inkcartridges, Make Your Move Right Now!

Most of the time, we all know that it’s annoying and confusing which type of printers are suitable for your needs. There are a lot of factors to be thought over, such as whether it is inkjet or LaserJet printers, multifunction or single function, color or monochrome, which brands of printer, etc.

Don’t miss a great deal from 123inkcartridges for HP LaserJet Pro M102w! Only at $169.99 can you get such a good printer. If you need a single-functional monochrome laser printer with an affordable price on cartridges, this will be the perfect choice for you! Hurry up to click to have this big deal and don’t make a regretting decision.

HP LaserJet Pro M102w is a cost-effective single-functional monochrome laser printer with 600 x 600 dpi resolution and media sizes up to 8.5″x14″. It’s designed for efficiency that you wait less with HP LaserJet Pro M102w that prints faster than its predecessor up to 23 pages per minute. And print first pages in as fast as 7.3 seconds. It’s designed for efficiency that you wait less with HP LaserJet Pro M102w that prints faster than its predecessor up to 23 pages per minute. And print first pages in as fast as 7.3 seconds. Print from iPhone® and iPad® with AirPrint®, which automatically scales jobs to the correct paper size. With the features, it is much more suitable for individuals and small work teams who need a personal black-and-white LaserJet printer to print.

HP LaserJet Pro M102w

HP LaserJet Pro M102w

A good printer needs a good partner —— toner cartridges. toner cartridges always are divided into two types, OEM and remanufactured cartridges. These two types toner cartridges have some differences. OEM is the original products from the manufacturer. Remanufactured cartridges are recycled from original cartridges and have been refurbished by a factory with many steps strict process to ensure the quality will meet the same standards as its OEM counterpart. HP 17A CF217A Original Black Toner Cartridge and HP 19A CF219A Original Black LaserJet Imaging Drum are the matching toner and drum for Pro M102w. The price between these two types is also different. Remanufactured HP 17A CF217A Black Toner Cartridge which is new arrival is sold of $64.99 on our website. And HP 17A CF217A OEM is sold of $85.99. Compared to the OEM, the remanufactured has more advantage at price than the OEM one and contains at least the same amount of toner as the original genuine cartridge. Integrated with all aspects, buying the remanufactured on our website is the best choose for you to save on both money and time.

HP 19A CF219A OEM Imaging Drum & HP 17A CF217A OEM, Remanufactured HP 17A CF217A Toner Cartridge

HP 19A CF219A OEM Imaging Drum & HP 17A CF217A OEM, Remanufactured HP 17A CF217A Toner Cartridge ensures that all of its products are guaranteed to meet all of your satisfactions. We are willing to offer you the best service and offer free shipping for all the orders above $49. Let click in, enjoy the fun of shopping online!

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Histoire de la marque Primecables- Canada n°1 magasin de câbles en ligne

L’établissement de la marque Primecables à commencer avec une vraie histoire qui c’est passer pendant le dur hiver de 2013, quand notre directeur du marketing, Andrew, a eu son câble de téléphone portable détruit par Zuzu, son chat adoré. Puisque son mobile est essential pour lui, comme tout le monde, il n’a pas eu d’autres choix que d’acheter un nouveau câble afin de charger son portable pour le lendemain. Sans plus attendre, il est sorti au beau milieu d’une froide nuit d’hivers, à la recherche d’un câble pour charger son portable. Finalement, il croyait être bien chanceux, il a trouvé le câble dont il avait besoin, mais ce n’est pas toute l’histoire.

Malgré qu’il ait trouvé le câble dont il avait besoin, à cause de sa mauvaise qualité ou peut être la malchance, le câble ne fonctionnait tout simplement pas. Andrew a donc dû retourner le câble pour ce faire rembourser, il n’était vraiment pas content.

Déçu et frustré suite à cette mauvaise expérience, il a eu l’idée de créer une site web entièrement dédié à la vente de câbles durables et de haute qualité. Puisque le marché était saturé de câble sans marque de mauvaise qualité, l’équipe produit en charge des câbles, devra trouver un nom dont les clients se souviendront, c’est à ce moment que Primecables a été choisie.


Voice ce que Prime (en Anglais) veut dire selon la définition du dictionnaire :

1) De première qualité ; principal, majeur, premier

2) De la meilleure qualité possible ; excellent.

3) Un état ou un temps de grande force, vigueur ou de succès dans la vie d’une personne


Comment différencié Primecables des autres compagnies de câble?

Le nom Primecables représente notre principe original de succès : offrir des câbles et accessoires standardisés de haute qualité aux prix les plus compétitifs possibles. Étant un fournisseur qui vend énormément de câbles personnalisés, ainsi que des câbles pour cinéma maison, réseautage et accessoires de studios, nous avons une connaissance profonde sur la conception des meilleurs câbles que nous pouvons offrir à notre clientèle. En améliorant constamment la qualité de nos produit grâce à la technologie de l’industrie, nous supportons notre marque et travaillons avec nos clients afin d’assuré que Primecables soit le site web ultime et sans tracas pour toutes personnes qui a besoin de différents types de câble.

Nous voulons établir Primecables comme l’ultime destination en ligne, spécialisé en câble généraux et professionnels ainsi que tout produits connexes, câbles de cinéma maison, réseautage et accessoires de studios. Avec notre service de livraison rapide au Canada, nous sommes confiants que nous notre magasin en ligne est la source la plus fiable pour acheter des câbles au Canada.


Pourquoi nos câbles sont-ils les meilleurs?

– Nos câbles résistent aux morsures d’animaux de compagnie
– Nos câbles endurent les environnements chaud et froid
– Nos couvertures en nylon sont résistant contre l’abrasion et la corrosion
– Nos couvertures en nylon ne s’emmêlent pas
– Les câbles de marque Primecables sont garantie à vie

Monoprice canadien – Canada n°1 magasin de câbles en ligne

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How to choose the right printer- Your ultimate wikihow printer buying guide!

Have you ever Wiki “How to Choose a Printer” on Google before? To help our readers to solve the problems, we created this complete printer guide article to help our readers to choose the right printer.

We all know that It’s not easy to decide which type of printers are suitable for your needs, it requires lots of factors such as whether it’s inkjet or LaserJet printers, multifunction or single function, which brands of printer…etc, most of the time, it’s frustrating and confusing, and that is why we are creating this “printer buying guide” to help you to choose the printer wisely.

how to choose the right printer

how to choose the right printer

It’s very difficult for you to determine what might be a good or bad printer. With so many models on the market, at so many different price points, it’s hard to know where to begin. Whether you’re trying to print pictures from your family vacations, or you regularly print brochures and flyers for your small business, the printer choosing process can be frustrating and sometimes confusing, hence, we created this “Canadian printer buying guide 2017 to help you to choose your right printer. created the following 6-step buyer’s guide to help you choose the best printer for your needs.

What is the best printer to buy?

Looks familiar right? This is the hot popular printer lists suggest by Google search, but is this the exact printer that you were looking for? Maybe not, that’s why we are using the follow methods to evaluate before you making orders online.

Factor that you should consider before making purchase decision:

  1. Inkjet or Laser Printer
  2. Single-function or Multifunction
  3. Monochrome (Black and White) or Color
  4. Connectivity
  5. Extra features to consider
  6. Consider the consumable and supply cost
  7. How to save on consumable cost

Step 1: Inkjet or Laser Printer

Whether you should choose Canon pixma MX492 or Brother HL 2380DW printer, this is always the hardest problem on earth, that’s why you should always ask yourself common questions like “where will I use this printer” and make sure you read the PRO & CON for both the inkjet or laserjet printer.

For inkjet printer:

  • PROS
  1. Print better quality images and photographs, and some printers can even print directly onto CDs and DVDs.
  2. Printers cost typically costs less than laser printers
  3. Supports different types of paper, including matte and glossy paper, in addition to some fabrics.
  • CONS
  1. Inkjet printers should ideally be used once a week to prevent their ink cartridges from drying out.
  2. If you only print occasionally, a monochrome laser printer might be a better choice for your needs.

For laserjet printer

  • PROS
  1. Faster printing speed
  2. Low CPP (Cost Per Page)
  3. Monthly duty cycle around 20,000
  4. Print better quality texts and graphics
  • CONS
  1. The printer cost is more expensive than inkjet printers.
  2. When printing photos or images, the printing quality is not as good as inkjet printers.
The difference between single function printers vs multifunction (all-in-one) printer

The difference between single function printers vs multifunction (all-in-one) printer

Step 3: Monochrome (Black and White) or Color

What monochrome printers are good at:

  1. Invoices
  2. text documents
  3. Homework (black and white documents)

What color printers are good at: 

  1. Photos
  2. Flyers
  3. Presentation Flyers

Step 4: Connectivity

  • USB

A USB printer connects to your computer via a USB cable. Most printers can be connected via a USB cable.


Network printers are connected directly to a network via a router and an Ethernet cable. To access a network printer you must connect your computer to the same network.
Network printers are ideal for office environments because they can be shared by office staff members. If you want to purchase a network computer, look for a USB printer with an Ethernet feature.


For wireless printers, all print materials are sent to the printer via a wireless connection.
Wireless printers are a great option for offices where people bring their own laptops to work, or homes with multiple family members who need to share access to a single printer. If wireless sounds right for you, look for wireless connectivity (usually up to 802.11n specification).


Mobile printers are perhaps the most flexible options on the market in terms of connectivity. They allow users to print wirelessly from their mobile devices, and in some cases from cloud services. Printers with the Air Print feature allow users to print from an iOS device. Users can also print on mobile printers using Google Cloud Print to print from Android and iOS devices, or use printer-specific apps to print from iOS or Android devices.

 Step 5: Extra features to consider

There are a few other factors to consider when choosing the right printer. Is the unit noisy? Is the printer efficient or does it draw a lot of power? What is its memory capacity? Does it feature a USB flash port? How big is it and is it easy to install? We recommend finding answers to these often-neglected questions before you buy.

  • Paper Handling

Commonly, printers will handle paper up to the Letter Size 8.5” x 11”, so you will have to look for a specific model if you want to be able to accommodate documents on Legal Size paper 11” x 17” as well.

  • Duplex

Automatic duplex (two-sided) printing to help save more paper

  • ADF

Automatic document feeder or ADF is a feature which takes several pages and feeds the paper one page at a time into a scanner or copier, allowing the user to scan, and there by copy, print, or fax, multiple-page documents without having to manually replace each page.

  • Front USB flash drive port

It’s always handy to choose a printer equipped with a front-facing USB flash drive port. This special port allows users to print from, and scan to, USB flash drives directly from the printer control panel without a PC.

  • Overall size and ease of installation

Printers can be large and bulky, especially in a corporate setting. This makes them potentially difficult to move around without assistance. The size of the printer you want should be considered before purchase, not to mention the space available for it to reside in your home or office. After some consideration, you may opt for a more compact alternative that better suits your office space while still providing similar functionality. Beyond size, it’s important to assess how easy it is to install the printer’s toner cartridges and load its paper. Finding an easy to maintain printer is key for busy offices and individuals.

Step 6: Consider the consumable and supply cost

 Cost is key to any smart purchase. Setting an initial budget for your new printer can quickly help you narrow down your options. Printers are sold for a broad range of prices — from less than $100 to several thousands of dollars per model. It is important to consider the cost of the printer you plan to buy, and the cost and number of cartridges needed for the printer to operate.

Printer cost

Printer cost is a key factor to consider. Inkjet printers start from as low as $39 while laser printers begin at around $70. With a budget of $39, you could get a multifunction color printer, while with $70 budget, you could get a single function monochrome laser printer. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot to get the right printer. Just remember to ask the right questions and look for the features you need to find the best printer option for your home or business.

Consumable Cost

A printer’s cost per page (CPP) is incredibly important when it comes to choosing printers. A printer’s CPP tells you how much it will cost to print a page based on the consumables (toner or ink) of every photograph or page that you print – this can be as low as $0.10 per page! If you only print once in a while, you may not care too much about CPP, if you often print large volumes, CPP is definitely something you need to consider when buying a printer.

inkjet printing cost vs laserjet printer cost

inkjet printing cost vs laserjet printer cost

Printer costs between brands

Printer costs between brands



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Things you don’t know about “Primecables”, AKA Canadian Monoprice!

The establishment of the Primecables brand started with a true story that happened during the harsh winter of 2013, when one of our colleague- Andrew, accidentally had his cable destroyed by his beloved cat Zuzu. Considering his mobile phone was one of his essentials just like anybody else, he had no choice but to purchase a new cable as soon as possible to charge his phone for the next morning. With no doubt in mind, he stormed out in the middle of the freezing winter night just to get a charging cable, when he finally got his cable, he thought he was in luck, but this is just half of the story.

Cat chew your cables? Not a problem, Primecables will help !

Cat chew your cables? Not a problem, Primecables will help !

Even though he managed to get the cable that he needed, because of the low quality or perhaps bad luck, the cable just didn’t work.  Eventually, he had no choice but to return to the store where he bought it to get a refund.  He wasn’t too happy about that.

Feeling so disappointed and frustrated because of this bad customer experience, it led him to have an idea for promoting pet friendly high quality cables. Since the market was filled with cheap un-braded cables, the cable product team had to come out with a recognizable name for the customers to remember it, and this is how the name Primecables was chosen. Please believe us, it was based from a true story!


To define what Primecables actually mean to us, you can look up the word ‘’Prime’’ in Google dictionary to find out:

1) Of first importance; main, major, first

2) Of the best possible quality; excellent.

3) A state or time of greatest strength, vigor, or success in a person’s life.


How do we differentiate Primecables from other cable brands?

The name Primecables represents our original success principle: to provide higher quality standardized cables and accessories at the most competitive price possible, by being a retailer that sells a large quantity of custom cables as well as home theatre, networking and studio cable accessories, we have profound knowledge on how to make & offer the best cables possible to our customers.  By consistently improving our product quality with industry technology, we always stand behind our brand and work with our customers to ensure that Primecables is the ultimate and trouble-free website for people who need different types of cables.

We want to establish Primecables as the ultimate website which specializes in general cables, professional cables and related products. We are specialized on audio video cables as well as home theatre, networking and studio accessories and with our fast shipping within Canada, we are confident to say that we are the most reliable online source for purchasing cables in Canada.

How are we  different compare to Monoprice cable: 

We offer huge varieties of Monoprice cables and we are one of the Monoprice distributors from Canada, the only differences that we have are our prices, shipping, and services. Since Primecables is base on Canada, we are able to provide you with our rocket speed shipping, customers no longer need to pay huge custom or shipping fee (Monoprice is from U.S.), and also, we charge Canadian dollar instead of US dollar, the currency will greatly help our Canadian customer to save much cost from ordering online.

Feel free to check some of our Monoprice brand items:

Monoprice TV wall mount
Monoprice CAT6 network cable
Monoprice lightning cable

Why are our cables stronger than others?

-Our cables are pet chew resistant
-Our cables can handle both high and cold temperature environments
-Our nylon jacket protection give a significant protection against abrasion
-Our nylon jacket protection cables are corrosion resistant
-Our nylon jacket protection solve the problem with wire tangle
-Our Primecables brand cables have a lifetime warranty

NO.1 TV Wall Mounts in Canada

If you have any question regard to our HDMI, audio video or network cables, feel free to ask in the comment and we will reply you shortly !


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What is ink or toner expiration and will it make HP OEM ink or toner cartridges stop working?

Basically, ink or toner expiration is a built-in date on which certain ink or toner cartridges will stop working. The simple fact is that most HP ink supplies do not have ink expiration dates.

So what is the date stamped or printed on the cartridge box?

The date stamped or printed on the cartridge box

The date stamped or printed on the cartridge box

The date stamped or printed on the cartridge box

The date stamped or printed on the cartridge box

Let’s discuss this question in two parts, toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

1.Toner cartridges

The date on the toner cartridge box is the date of manufacture, but not the expired date or “use before” date. It is intended for HP internal processes and may be required to comply with regulatory standards in certain countries. There is no expiration date for the use of HP toner cartridges.

As long as the package is sealed, and it was properly stored, the toner cartridge will be good. And even once installed, as long as you use the printer regularly, and don’t live in a rain forest (or other high humidity locales), then an installed cartridge should work until it runs out of toner.

Lastly, if you use an older toner cartridge, and you have problems before running out of toner, remember that HP warranties the cartridge. HP product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

2.Ink cartridges

The printed date on all HP ink cartridges is the “Warranty ends” date. To determine the ink expiration date on a particular cartridge, you need to consider three factors: the ink model, its warranty date, and the date on which the cartridge is initially installed.

The table below provides additional information on the particular supplies that have ink expiration dates, the supplies that enable you to override the expiration date, and the process of determining the expiration date on those supplies with no override.

Additional information on the particular supplies that have ink expiration dates

Additional information on the particular supplies that have ink expiration dates, as a leading online store in Canada, we provide high quality both OEM and New Compatible Ink/Toner Cartridges at a fair price, we offer customers the chance to enjoy competitive prices on printer consumables of various brands.

Among these products, Moustache® Toner is one of the highest cost-performance products on our website.

Moustache® Toner

Moustache® Toner

Why Choose Moustache® Toner Cartridges? Is the moustache® toner cartridges familiar to you? Now, I will make some introduction to you. First of all, Moustache® toner cartridges are the Canadian brand with the quality that as the OEM model standard laser toner cartridges. Comparison of original cartridges and other no brand cartridges, Moustache® toners have absolute predominance. The OEM toners are manufactured by brands and get no other certificates. On the contrary, Moustache® has already got the certificates including CE, STMC, ROHS compliance, European REACH compliance, ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO19752 and ISO19798. And the price of Moustache® toners is 20%-50% the OEM price. Furthermore, when you replace your next toner cartridges, you should consider both PRICE and QUALITY for the best VALUE. Original toners have the industry standardized quality, but considering the cost and the page yield, the value of OEM is only around 80%. It is your most expensive option. Moustache® brand toner cartridges have the industry-leading quality and affordable price. Compared to OEM, you can get your job done at the same quality standard but at a much cheaper price. It’s clearly the best choice you can make. It is 100% value for your money!

The Certificates of Moustache®

The Certificates of Moustache®

As the saying goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” A cost effective solution for your business and home. Comparison of the expense between using original cartridges and Moustache® cartridges. Take Brother TN-450 and HP CE285A on our website for example. Brother TN-450 Original Black Toner Cartridge is sold of $69.99, and the TN-450 Moustache® just need $24.99 that you can get a high-quality TN-450 toner. HP CE285A OEM Toner Cartridge is sold of $85.99, and only $19.99 can you get CE285A Moustache®. You’re saving more than 70% of the cost! What an amazing thing it is!

Click on our website to fill your virtual cart, you will enjoy shopping on this website. We are willing to offer you the best service. Our website offers free shipping for all the orders above $49. You will absolutely have a happy shopping experience on our website.

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What’s difference between Canon PGI-225 BK and CLI-226 BK?

The large black (PGI-225) is a pigment ink, owns solid particles suspended in a carrier liquid which evaporates. Pigment ink gives you rich, black text with crisp, professional quality every time. It leaves the color particles on the surface of the paper where they bond to the paper by grabbing on to the almost microscopic rough surfaces of the paper fibers. This black ink cartridge features a large-capacity tank that is part of an individual-tank system so it is easy to install and replace. It is widely used in printing text documents or in grayscale, will satisfy casual printing needs at home and the office.



The small cartridges, black and colors (CLI-226), are all dye based inks. The black printer ink features ChromaLife100+, which ensures it will deliver exceptional beauty and longevity every time. The ink resists heat and humidity so your prints will stand up to fading for many years to come and give you color fastness. It is made to soak into the paper and dry. Print sharp, easy-to-read texts and professional-quality black and white photos with the Canon CLI-226 Black Ink Tank, it will satisfy casual printing needs at home and bulk printing needs for work.



The PGI-225 is the main black cartridge (pigment), which does most of the black printing, while the CLI-226 black (dye) is more for mixing with other colors, its job is to give richer, deep colors instead of being just a black cartridge (like, give us deep/dark blues, reds, etc). Pigment will grab much more onto the paper, while dye is more vivid in anything. So Pigment-based BK is mainly used for TEXT printing, Dye-based BK is mainly used for the pictures.



When print mixed text and graphics documents, the PGI Black page yield is quite lower than printing photos, because the text costs a lot of pigment-based black ink. Meanwhile, print mixed text and graphics documents, the CLI Black page yield is pretty higher than printing photos, because printing photo costs a lot of dye-based black ink.

The page yield does not only depend on the ink volume, there are many factors which can also affect the page yield:

  • Type of printer
  • Type of paper used
  • Software application used
  • Print mode and driver setting
  • Content and type of document printed
  • Conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and frequency of printing
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