How to Capture the Perfect Shot with Powerful Metz Flash ?

You need to use a powerful Metz flash if you want to capture a perfect picture in multiplesettings. If you still confused about the effect of your flash after consulting the guidebook,you could follow the steps below to try again.

Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz Digital Flash for Canon Camera


1.fill flash

If your target subject of the character face is shaded, the easiest approach is to use a powerful Metz flash as your fill light. That is to say you should add some artificial light to the shaded area. When you decide to take some images outside, you just need to turn on the Metz flash and then the flash will help you produce brilliant pictures.

2.hide the trace of flash

If you can discover the trace of your flash in the photos, maybe the photos can be considered a failure. You could set your flash brighter than your environment .Meanwhile;you also need to make it natural. At least, the pictures should not be recognized shot withflash. Here is a tip. You can let your flash shine near the target but not shine on it. Maybe it is too difficult for you novice. Perhaps, you can purchase a reflector. It would be more convenient for beginners.

3.weaken the hardness of light with a diffuser

When you take pictures with a Metz flash, the diffuser is indispensable. A good diffuser can soften the flash light so that you can produce high quality photos. In fact, you could make a diffuser by yourself. The material can be milk box or other kinds of paper.

4. Increase the space of light source

If you find that a portion of your photos is shaded unexpectedly, please increase the space of light source and then soften the Metz flash light. In addition, the most effective way is bounce flash. You could bounce the flash to the wall behind the target or bounce it to theceiling. Besides, you can not always reflect the flash at 60 degrees or 45 degrees.

5. Use off-camera flash if you don’t have a diffuser

If you want to take a brilliant image without diffuser, you could use you off-camera flash. The off-camera lead flashing line is very cheap but very useful. You should install the flash on the hot shoe and then place it by the side of your camera. This can avoid your photos seem to be stiff.

Where to Find Accessories for Your New Camera

You purchased a new camera on our website a few days ago or moths ago. What is your feeling? It is inconvenient for you to use because you found that you lack some important accessories. This is absolutely normal. The following are the necessary accessories.

Camera accessories

Neck Strap

You want to hang your camera on you neck when you want to have a lunch at ease during your wonderful trip. However, you would find that your new camera can not be hung because there is no any neck strap. You need to purchase a JJC NS-Q Neck Strap indeed. There are numerous kinds of neck strap on our website. These products are stylishlydesigned. It is very adjustable so that you can hang your camera on the neck or on your shoulders. Of course, if you want to hold it in your hands, it can be achieved so long as you can remove or arranged well the neck strap. Meanwhile, you also can choose the camera wrist strap to carry your video camcorders or binoculars.

Lexar memory card

Memory Card

If you enthusiastically producing pictures, the memory capacity of your camera might is not sufficient. You need to purchase a high quality and safe memory card at the present. As a proudly Canadian store, you could select a suitable memory card certainly. All kinds of these cards are totally pass international security test. You can choose a card with 16GB capacity or other 32GB. It depends on your need and our stock. Besides, the read speed of our card can be up to 60MB/S. Moreover, if you delete your important files carelessly, you can download software called Image Rescue 4 to recover the files.

VOKING E13 Battery Grip For Canon EOS-6D

Battery Grip

When your new camera is power off you need to charge it with a battery grip. We can this product for any model of Canon and Nikon. You can obtain one in a competitive price and the product will be ship totally free. It is comfortably to operate.

Camera Flash


Flash is a common accessory for photographers. It could bright the low light condition so that you also can produce perfect photographs in a rainy day. Our flash could provide progressive flash technology and at a competitive price. The flash can be used easily because it is a fully manual flash. Moreover, our flashes are produced by a particularly notable brand named Metz. Please be assured that you only would get a perfect camera accessory on our website

VOKING VK430 TTL Flash For Nikon

This VK430 TTL Flash, supporting Nikon i-TTL system, now is 50 percent off, which offers the most at the best price now! What it got: manual zooming, rear-curtain sync, wireless trigger sensor, overheating proction, memory function, metal hot-shoe stand and LCD panel user interface. You can check or make settings even if you are in the dark environment with its LCD panel user interface. As for its rear-curtain sync, it’s possible to capture the track of a moving object. This VK430 also supports memory function, which means that it will automatically store your operation setting. You will find out that this function is really useful when you want to use that setting once again. The overheating protection will start to protect your speedlite after your excessive use gives it excessive heat and when the it cools down to the normal temperature you’ll be able to use it again. The whole duration will take about 2 minutes.

VOKING VK430 TTL Flash For Nikon

There are there modes that this Camera flash for Nikon supports and they are TTL, Manual and Multi. The latter two modes make sure that users can control the camera and compose more freely. Its GN42 is at ISO100 and 105mm. You can use PC port for triggering by the way of cable or by non-hot-shoe triggers. After firing on full power, it only takes 3 seconds for the recycling time. This VK430 is compatible with crop-size and full-size sensors. Its manual zoom includes 18,20,24,28,35,50,.70,80,105,135,150 and 180mm.You can vertically or horizontally rotate it. Its vertical rotation angle ranges from -7_90 degrees while its horizontal rotation degrees from 0 to 270 degree. It supports 4 x AA size batteries and Alkaline or Ni-MH are also usable. It’s got a wide-angle diffuser to support focal length,which can be drawn out or hidden. With its flash exposure compensation +-5EV in 1/3 EV steps,it allows you to take satisfying pictures.

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Cat6 Punch down Keystone Jack On Clearance Sale,$0.99 ONLY!

Cat6 Keystone Jack is an important component part used in the LAN work area, connecting data and integrated wiring. It is widely used in our houses, offices and chambers etc. The keystone is very easy to install.Cat6 keystone Jack always be installed in the wall so that it won’t be destroy artificially. High stability and durability are the most prominent characters of the keystone jack.

Cat6 Punch Down Keystone Jack

The Cat6 RJ-45 Jacks is a perfect product and is broadly used. The keystone jack is designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards TIA/EIA568B2-1.The dust cover of the keystone jack is made of a kind of plastic PC/ABS UL-94V0. As for the inner’s material, it is made of phosphor bronze .This is an extremely safe material for electronic products. The circuit board is mainly all FR-4 UL-94V0. However, you should note that the RJ45 keystone is too short if you want to use such a product side by side just in one wall-plates.

If you want to purchase such a good product keystone Jack from us, please rest assured that you will obtain a cost-effective product. We are very famous E-commerce platform. Our platform has strict procurement, inspection, delivery and maintenance service. You will only get the perfect keystone jack from here .It is very high speed to connect and use with keystone wall plates and panels. Besides, please note that this keystone jack is cat6 so before you place an order you should check your need is Cat6, Cat5 or other models.

As for the pricing of the Cat6 keystone jack, we provide it in the lowest price during the whole Canada. You can get the black keystone jack just pay $1.36 for us. Our aim is to provide the lowest pricing products and the royal service for all Canadian. Compared with other stores or online shopping malls, you can save $3.63(72%) on this keystone jack .Besides, we purchase the products from the Asia and our warehouses are throughout the whole Canada. If you place an order today, we will deliver it tomorrow. We can receive urgent orders. Moreover, if you would like some keystone jack in other colors, you could ask our customer service representative for help. Last but not least, if you are a wholesaler or retailer, you also can place a large order and we will ship these products totally free. The cat6 punch down black keystone jacks are in mass stock so that we could meet any kind of requires. Please purchase such a quality products as soon as possible.For more products,please visit our website

DisplayPort Cables,Male to Male,Gold Plated,with 54% off!

We are still looking for such a life that we could go wherever we want, photograph whatever we like. A digital camera can allow you to take any photos while you can share your pictures more prosperously with the help of display port to HDMI cables. You can transfer your photos from your digital camera to your TV or any other devices. You can play computer games on your TV which will be more interesting.

6Ft Displayport (DP) to HDMI Cable, Male to Male, Gold Plated

The male-to-male cable could change Display port signals into HDMI signals. This is the necessary condition if you want to share your happiness on your liquid crystal display television. You do not need to spend time on installing because the cable will get into work once you have plugged in the two devices. Since the length of this cable is 6Ft so you could use it in your bedroom, chamber and office. It is longer than other model yet if you want a shorter one , we also can provide it for you .This kind of male to male cable would bring great convenience to you while would not take up your space.

On the other hand, the Display Port Cables is made up by great quality materials. The joints plated with gold can ensure the stability of signals during the transmission process. We all know that we want to enlarge the brilliant experience but not to destroy the beauty. So it is very important to choose a suitable cable with perfect joints. As for the cable, it is made up of extremely precise oxygen-free copper. There is a high-density shield on it .Besides; it has passed the ESD protection test. It conforms to the DP interoperability specification. You can check full DP link training.

And then, if you decide to purchase such a 6Ft DP to HDMI cable, please confirm these details before you place an order. This is a male to male cable that only can be used between DP and HDMI. The standby mode current of this product is 64Ua. If the product really meets your need, you are in luck because we can provide it for you in a lower price. This is a half-off sale and you could obtain our 6Ft DP to HDMI cable only cost $6.49 at, we provide life-time warranty service for this perfect cable. So, purchase it as soon as possible or it will be sold out!

Review:Monster Cable PowerCenter 400 Surge Protector

As a part of home theater, the surge protector is always overlooked. However, its great role should not be really underestimated. The cable home theater surge protector could ensure the smooth sign channel line and the uninterrupted operation of relatively equipment. Moreover, it could filtrate out the dirty power from any other home appliances such as microwave oven. Therefore, only the suitable power will be used by your home theater components. If you want to enjoy the coolest sound and pictures in your home theater, the perfect surge protector (model121522-00-BP) will be your best choice.

Monster Cable PowerCenter 400 Surge Protector

There are labeled there-prong outlets in this product. It is very easy for you to connect a TV, DVD player, Satellite receiver as well as a monitor. The length of the coaxial video cable is about 43-inch and please note this is a rough length. In order to ensure a better experience, you also need to focus more on such details. There are different colors of outlets in this surge proctor. You should connect your satellite or receiver through the yellow outlet while connect your TV or monitor through the dark green one. And the last, light green outlet should be connected with accessory. Please strictly comply with this usage.

As for the pricing of this kind of Monster cable powercenter, you might have done a lot of research before .As you can see, you can got this perfect protector only cost $18.99 which is cheaper $19.47 than many other online shopping malls and stores. It is totally a “buy one, get one free” deal! If you are in urgent need of this surge protector, it is so fortune that if you can place an order now, we will deliver it promptly. Maybe you will receive this nice product tomorrow morning. There are many warehouses around Canada .Please kindly note that there are only 24 pieces in stock. The shipping is total free.

As regards after-sales service of this surge protector, it is telling that we are the biggest Canadian store. We have relatively perfect return requirement. If your product is damaged in the transit or break down within one year, you can take it to our store or send it to us and we will provide totally free maintenance service. Besides, we will double check the quality of your goods before shipping. So, let’s begin our royal home theater experience with our proctor!For more products,please visit our website