Mount your TV on the Wall

Nowadays, you can still hear about quite a few people asking the questions such as, TV floor stand or TV Wall Mount, which one should I install for my HDTV? Well! It depends on which kind of TV you have in the house. Obviously, for the traditional bulky TVs built around CRT technologies, TV floor Stands is still the first choice. Because it might be too heavy to hang them on the wall. Almost all the TV in the market has updated into LED/LCD/OLED TV. And it become bigger and thinner. Due to limited of our room space, it might be more difficult to find a perfect TV floor stand for this kind of flat-panel. TV Wall Mount clearly becomes a much more popular choice for us.

The current choice is natural with the adoption of the Led flat panel TVs. Unlike the traditional TV sets bulky in size, flat panels become thinner and lighter even for larger screen size. This makes it more suitable to hang on the wall. A TV Wall mount will allow you to watch your TV from your favorite angle and do not have to squeeze all the furniture away from a big TV floor stand. A Tilt Wall Mount Bracket allows families to free up precious floor space and detach TV from other furniture. There are some kinds of TV wall mounts are able to offer the tilting functions. A Full Motion Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount allows you adjust the TV facing a broad range of angles for flexible view. So without moving your LED TV all the way around, you can watch TV from your dinner table, as well as, your sofa.

How to choose the most appropriate Wall Mount Bracket for your TV? There are many choices in the market for TV wall mounts. Here we offer some basic guidelines and examples. The first and foremost point is that the chosen wall mount must be sturdy enough to maintain the security of your flat panel TV. Most wall mount brackets can support up to 50 kilograms, which is above even the 60-70 inch flat-panels. Then security mainly depends on how you install the wall mount. Secure installation may be discussed in future blogs. The second point is the expandability of TV wall mount. If you are not sure whether you will upgrade your TV in screen size and don’t want to drill more holes on your beautiful walls, then you may want the option to replace your flat-panel without the need to change wall mount. In fact, many brackets can handle TV set within a broad range – 30 inches to 70 inches. The third point is about cost. Wall mount brackets in the market are priced in the range from $30 to over $100. If you considered premium brands and quality will cost you more, than that is not 100% right. offers very economical solution to wall mount with the best quality for your TV .These wall mounts have gained the credit from the market. Now they offering 15% off+ free shipping promotion on TV wall mount. Valid until Dec. 5th. 2015. As for my knowledge, normally speaking the shipping itself could cost for a TV wall mount would be around 8$-15$. So it is a pretty decent deal!

Check it out today! There are very large varieties in choice, mostly at half the market price.

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Boxing Day Speaker Wire Sale for Your Home Theater Set Up

Speaker wire is one of the most often overlooked components of an audio system. Wire size and construction can affect a system’s performance and reliability, if you want to prepare a speaker wire for your home theater on Boxing Day, it’s good policy to pick the best speaker wire for the application. Most speakers don’t come with speaker wire. It’s probably up to you to select the right gauge and type of wire for your home theater. This article will help you figure it out.

What gauge do you need?
The specification American Wire Gauge(AWG) is to define wire thickness. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire. Thicker wire presents less resistance to current flow. Thick wire (12 or 14 AWG) is recommended for long wire runs, high power applications, and low-impedance speakers (4 or 6 ohms). For relatively short runs (less than 50 feet) to 8 ohm speakers, 16 AWG wire will usually do just fine. It’s cost-effective and easy to work with.

What type of speaker wires do you need & Where can you buy it in Canada?
On the market, you can buy speaker wire with connectors or without connectors. If you buy wire that without connectors, we strongly advise you purchase banana connectors for safety. If you’re going to run speaker wire inside your walls or ceiling, you should choose UL-rated speaker wire labeled CL2 or CL3. According to NEC 725.2, CL2 offers some protection from electric shock while CL3 offers a bit more because it is rated to carry more voltage. This type of speaker wires are safer than the ordinary speaker wires. For example, PrimeCables 50ft Speaker Wire 18AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation). If you want to install your outdoor speaker wire underground, you’ll need wire rated for direct burial. Take a look at our in-wall wiring for more information on

PrimeCables 50ft Speaker Wire 18AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation)

PrimeCables 50ft Speaker Wire 18AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation)

In-wall wire is available with two conductors or four. Pull a single cable over the long distance with a Speaker Wire 14AWG CL2 Rated 4-Conductor Loud Cable (For In-Wall Installation) from your amplifier or receiver to an in-wall volume control in another room, and then you can then run 2 conductors cables from the volume control to each of the stereo speakers in that location. So the four conductors wire is good for connecting stereo-input speakers.

The name of the company originates from our success principle: providing the high quality, standardized cable product and accessories at the most competitive prices possible. We always stand behind our product and work with our customers to insure and trouble-free shopping experience.

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Planning to Buy an New TV at Boxing Day? You Should Get HDMI Cable First

Are you going to buy an new TV at Boxing Day? We advise you get HDMI cable first, which is essential to your TV’s picture quality.

What is HDMI and where to buy HDMI Cable in Canada?

HDMI is short for High Definition Multimedia Interface, which is greatly simplifies hookup of your HDTV and home theater components. HDMI is the modern standard for connecting audio/video devices and ensure reliable, all-digital signal transmission for brilliant performance. Moreover, HDMI is one of the easiest way to connect your various devices with very little configuration.

The number of cables you’ll need, as well as their type and length, will be determined by the complexity of your home theater system and the distance between the components. Here are some tips. How many cables you need is depend on how to connect your devices. The most common and simplest connection is to connect directly to your home theater. So you just calculate how many devices you need to connect, which must be one cable between two devices. Or to switch from one HDMI source to another (for instance, from your cable box to the Blu-ray player), you simply use the TV’s remote control. If you have more source devices than available input ports on your TV or if you need flexibility to add and remove mobile devices quickly, you can purchase a stand-alone HDMI switch. In systems that include an AV receiver, source devices are typically routed through the AV receiver to the TV. In this type of system, switching between HDMI source devices is controlled by the AV receiver’s input selector controls. So you need at least two HDMI cable.

For cable length, it always round up when estimating connection distances. It’s better to have a bit too much cable than to come up short. For cable type, if you plan to enjoy 1080p content (i.e., Blu-ray Discs) or any advanced display technologies (3D, 4K, etc.), a High Speed HDMI Cable, 24AWG CL2 High Speed HDMI Cableis recommended. For 1080i or 720p signals (most cable, broadcast, and satellite HD signals), a Standard HDMI Cable,  24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI Cable is recommended. For more information about HDMI cable types, see here

Monoprice 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI Cable

Monoprice 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI Cable

What should you look for in an HDMI cable? Construction and materials, speed rating, bit depth rating, connector enhancements and specific feature support should be considered carefully because the innovative design features really enhance the performance and reliability of the cable. will help you buy a satisfied HDMI cable by our friendly customer service.

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Christmas Countdown 2015, Stay Tune for the Best HDMI Cable Deal from PrimeCables 

Christmas is coming, what is the most worth buying this day? If you need a  HDMI cable, come in and stay tune for the best deal from, which offer cheaper cables than any traditional brick-and-mortar store. The life durable goods are really economical products which can be used for long years even your whole life. So choose the high quality cables can save money.

PrimeCables is a network shop made stronger cables in Canada for long years and offer well-reviewed cables of multiple lengths, all for far less money than many other brands. There are a variety of sizes and types of cables, designed for a wide array of purposes. No wonder select the right wire for a particular application can be challenging, especially if one does not understand the differences between the different types of wire and how they are used. Our website helps many people buy the right cables or other relative products. is a wholesaler and a retailer of custom cables and accessories for home theater, networking and more professional studios. We specialize in HDMI Cables and other Audio Video Accessories. We offer a wide range of products – Network Cat 5, Cat 6 & Cat7, HDMI cable canada, SVGA, DVI, USB, FireWire, Fiber Optic Cables, Speaker, and Security cables, video cables, audio cables, wall plates, computer cables, Apple Cables, Cable testers, cable organizer as well as TV wall mount.

Monoprice 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI Cable

Monoprice 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI Cable

We have very strong competitive advantages, such as great prices, free shipping, fast delivery, reliable customer service and secure online shopping. Why can we provide so low price? Because we work directly with our manufacturers, we can guarantee quick and dependable service at unbeatable prices. Free Shipping on all orders over $49 .This shipping option is applicable for all orders in Canada shipped via Canada Post Expedited Parcel with tracking information.We carry a large inventory of merchandise located at our warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver. Most items are available for immediate dispatch within 24hours of an order via our reliable courier partners, including Canada Post and Purolator. Our friendly customer service team aims to resolve any customer issues quickly and effectively. Customer transactions and payments on our websites are secure. When you an place order with us, all your information is encrypted and transmitted using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which prevents anyone other than authorized operators from viewing your information.

The name of the company originates from our success principle: providing the high quality, standardized cable product and accessories at the most competitive prices possible. We always stand behind our product and work with our customers to insure and trouble-free shopping experience.

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Top 10 Christmas Cable Gift Guide Suggestion from Primecables

As Chrismas Day approching, many people are busy considering what kind of presents should they buy as presents for their friends. Choosing proper presents is never a simple task, because all of us has different taste and preference. My suggestion is to play safe and buy the things that are practical and useful and I believe that is a very good place for you to choose Chrismas gifts. You can buy all kinds of cables and relevant products on at fair prices. Most importantly, all the products from the website are of extremely good quality and they are good enough to help you to get the appreciation from the friends who receive your presents. Without mention the ongoing boxing day, now should be the right time for you to prepare the TV wall mount before purchasing your HDTV, we have a huge variety of choices with full stock on our site !

For the people who like to listen to music, I suggest to give them the audio cables. Apart from the most common cables that are made with plastic skin, our website also offer the audio cables with nylon skin which offer a greater degree of freedom in movement and can handle more load and will not deform under any heavy weight. What’s more, a hand-made speaker wire is also a good present for the music lovers. You may have to spend a little time in choosing speaker wire and the banana plugs that fits for the wire. Then you should carefully make the present for your friends!

Audio Cable

Audio Cable

For those people who enjoy watch the videos through TV screen, a HDMI cable will be perfect. Usually, people store videos in their laptops but they no longer satisfied with the small size of the laptops screen. Instead, they want a bigger screen to enjoy a better watching experience. A HDMI cable can solve this problem. It not only enables your friends to use TV screen to watch the video from their computers, but also enable your friends the HD graphic quality.

For those people who use Apple products, you can give them Apple charge  cable as gifts. It is hard to avoid the damage of the charge cable and it had better for every Apple products users to have a spare charge cable. Our website also offers the charger cable with nylon protection. Android phones charge cables are also available on our website.

Chrismas Day is coming. So hurry to buy a gift for your dear friends! Our website offers free shipping on your first order over $10 and free shipping for all the orders above $49. We will spare no effort to offer you a wonderful shopping experience!

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Build your home theatre set up before Christmas boxing day

As the High Definition TV are becoming more and more affordable for most people, the home theatre systems have exploded in popularity as well. A good home theatre system can offer you the superior effect, both in audio and video quality, so that you can enjoy the best quality interesting films, musics, TV programs and so on. Watching TV on a tiny screen and crappy speakers can not meet the demand for entertainment of most people, it is about time to upgrade. Building a home theatre system is not putting a full movie in your house, and setting up a proper home theatre won’t be expensive or complicated, you just need to add a few basic components to achieve greater entertainment. The first thing that you need to start with- theTV wall mount, will be most essential tool if you ever plan to build a home theatre !

Cables are essential for making the home theatre system running normally, while building such a home entertainment system, it is necessary for you to add some new, spare, longer cables for all of your devices. Cables you may need for your setup are HDMI cable, ethernet cable, speaker cable. I recommend you to grab a good label marker to label everything. A few new power strips are also necessary for keeping everything organized.

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cables are the universal connector for the digital entertainment in your house, because they can perform up to the standards of high-performing equipment. HDMI cable can be used to connect your media players, receiver and TV, it is the industry-standard cable for home theater, and can send audio and video signals through one single cable. Almost all the modern television and sound system have HDMI inputs, if your television can not use HDMI, you can buy a converter. And cheap HDMI cable can offer better picture and sound quality as well as expensive one, so it is unnecessary for you to waste money on buying a costly cable.

Almost all the home theatre components, including AV receivers, Blu-ray players, game consoles, media players and Slingboxes, as well as the high definition TV, can connect to the web. You can choose to connect to the web through the wireless connectivity, or you can make a wired network connection to the home theatre system.

Come to and buy some high quality cables at fair price to build your home theatre system before Christmas boxing day, we will offer you free shipping on your first order over $10 and offer free shipping for all the orders over $49. We will spare no effort to offer you a wonderful shopping experience. If you want need to mount your tv on the wall, feel free to check our TV wall mount section

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It’s the Time to Upgrade Your HDMI Cable Before the Chrismas Arrived

Chrismas Day is approaching. Most people like to invite friends to go to their houses to chat and play. Those people who have children like to share pictures to their friends and to show how adorable their children are. However, people like to store pictures in their computers and the screen of the computer are not big enough to display the pictures to all of the friends. So, these people want to connect their computers and televisions to use the television as a screen to show the pictures to their friends. But not most people know how to connect these two devices, let alone what kind of HDMI cables they need to use.

HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables

Actually, what you need is a HDMI cable. Some people may argue that a DVI cable or a VGA cable, which is cheaper than a HMDI cable, can also enable the connection between the television and the computer. Frankly speaking, if you use the latter two kinds of cable two connect the devices, you will fail to get a HD graphic quality. Besides, DVI cables can not out put the signal of sound and they are not recommended if you want to display video from your laptop on the TV screen. You should be careful not to mistaken the interface of the cable. For example, when it comes to inserting television, HDMI should be connected the port with label or port name “Input 1”or “HDMI1”. Then you turn on the TV and use the remote control to select the “Input”or “Source”that matches the port name used to connect the HDMI cable. If your laptop has no HDMI interface, then you can buy a cable which can converse the signal from DVI to HDMI because usually laptops has the port for DVI. If you just have one cable that have two HDMI interfaces and your laptop has no port for HDMI, do you need to buy another cable? Absolutely not! What you need to buy is an adapter which can connect the DVI interface and the HDMI interface. An adapter is usually much cheaper than a cable.

If you also want to upgrade the other kinds of cables, such as network cable and speaker wire, you can come to our website Our website offers free shipping on your first order over $10 and free shipping for all the orders above $49. We will spare no effort to offer you a wonderful shopping experience!

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It’s never too late to get your hdmi cable before Cyber Monday Nov. 30th

Nowadays, HDMI Cable is becoming one of the most dominant cable types among consumer electronics, as a high-speed modern home theater connector, it is not only limited to home theater connection, it can also extend into gaming and portable devices. HDMI Cables have a wide range of applications in home entertainment system, most commonly used with Blu-ray and DVD players. When it connect to a DVD player, it can carry traditional DTS and Dolby Digital sound. The HDMI Cable can also offer audio CD playback in some players. For the modern gaming systems that offer 1080p video, our nylon braided HDMI cable offers content protection for gaming. In addition, HDMI cables are of great use in television decoders.

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

Why HDMI cable can transmit digital video and audio data is because it uses the so called TMDS(Transition Minimized Differential Signaling) technology. All HDMI cables – whether it is cheap or expensive, new or old – they can all work with this technology. TMDS works really well, it allows both short cables and fairly long cables can carry a pretty intense amount of data. It means that even the inexpensive cable can work as well as the expensive one. With this technology, a HDMI Cable can send the best quality image and sound over a single cable with a moderately small connector.

Standard HDMI cables,we can also call it Category 1 HDMI, this type of HDMI cable can deliver data at a speed of 76 MHz, which is equal to a signal of 1080i.Another type, High-speed HDMI cables, or often called Category 2 HDMI, can deliver data at a speed of 340 MHz. This type of HDMI cable is capable of handling the highest amount of bandwidth available. It offers the equivalent of a 1080p signal. High-speed HDMI cable is ideal for displays with very high resolutions, specifically WQXGA monitors with resolutions of 2560×1600. Depending on the size of your monitor, the high-speed HDMI Cable can provide  increased refresh rates and improved color depths.

If you are looking for some HDMI Cables for your home entertainment system, you can just come to our website, there are various type of HDMI Cables on our website, Cyber Monday deals are coming soon, I am sure that you can buy a proper cables with high quality and fair price. We will try our best to offer you the best shopping experience.



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Primecables Black Friday 2015 deal Revealed

The biggest shopping day of the year–Black Friday is coming soon, you can begin to prepare for your holiday shopping list. On Black Friday, most of you may choose to buy some electronic products, such as a high-end HDTV, a new arrival smart mobile phone or a high performance computer, etc. If you decide to buy a new television, and you want to build a more wonderful home entertainment system, then an HDMI cable is very necessary. With this single cable, you can interconnect all the components of your home entertainment system, whatever the manufacturer is. A HDMI cable is the best and most convenient audio/video connection for you to enjoy a visual feast.

HDMI, stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, is a global connectivity standard developed by Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Thomson (RCA), Toshiba, and Silicon Image such major electronics manufacturers. HDMI Cable is the primary cable to transmit high-definition digital audio and video data to visual media displays. It is why more and more companies will adopt the HDMI standard, and build HDMI into their products. HDMI is the only way for people to enjoy 1080P, full HD at home, and if you connect a Blu-ray players, HD set-top boxes and DVD players with an HDMI Cable, then you would enjoy the full video potential of sources.

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

Unlike component video, S-video and composite video such older kinds of video interconnect cables, the data transmitted between components that HDMI carries is uncompressed and all-digital. Before HDMI, if you want to enjoy a high-definition audio and video effect, you’d need many cables to hook up a single audio/video component to your TV, includes at least one individual audio cable and three individual video cables, so many wires behind the scene. In today’s home theater, one HDMI cable can replace many older video or audio cables, and it will be easier for you to connect or upgrade your home entertainment system.

If you want to buy a HDMI cable, do not buy it in store, the price is quite expensive. In fact, almost all HDMI Cables are the same, and cheap cables can produce the exact same picture and sound quality as expensive cables, so you don’t have to waste your money. Come to on Black Friday, you can buy a high quality HDMI Cable with substantial discount, and enjoy a fast shipping.

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The Best TV Wall Mount Deal at Chrismas & Boxing Day

Do you have any plan in the holiday in Chrismas Day and Boxing Day? Maybe most of you are going to have a big meal with friends and families and chat and play with them all night long. However, sometimes I find it boring to spend a whole night to play cards and chat and most of my friends can not help themselves yawning when the midnight comes. It is a pity if we go to sleep because we seldom see each other and only in holiday can we gather with each other. As far as I am concerned. Watching movies is one of the best ways to cheer up your friends. Therefore, you need a TV wall mount.

With a TV wall mount, you can freely adjust the angle of the TV. You know, people like to watch TV in different sitting postures, some like to sit upright on the sofa and some like to lie on it. Some people also like to change their position from time to time or stand to stretch out their bodies and relax themselves. In order to try to enable all of your friends to watch the TV and enjoy the movie, you need a TV wall mount, which can also help you to adjust the height of the television. There are two different kinds of TV wall mount, including full motion flat-panel and tilt wall mount. The former one allows maximum flexibility and the latter one only allow vertical movements.

Full Motion Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

Full Motion Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

Choosing a suitable TV wall mount is not a easy task. You should firstly figure out what kind of wall mount do you want, a full motion one or a tilting one. Secondly, you should pay attention to the material of the wall mount and make sure it is heavy duty. You should also make sure that the size of the wall mount is suitable for your television. The wall mount which is too big can not hold you television tightly and the one which is too small may damage you TV. What’s more, you should be very careful while you are installing the wall mount, because the mistaken installation will have bad impact on the performance of the wall mount.

If you want to buy a TV wall mount with good quality and a fair price, welcome to our website Our website offers you free shipping on your first order over $10 and offer free shipping for all the orders over $49. We will spare no effort to offer you a wonderful shopping experience.

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