How to Find Out the Page Yield of Printer Ink Cartridges?

As the rapid economic and technology growth needs, Printer is one of the necessities of home and office device. However, how to find out the page yield of printer ink cartridges is a great problem for most of people. Actually, if you want to create a PDF files you do not need to the expensive and bulky Adobe Acrobat software, only with the PDF printer it will able to save any of your document as PDF by simply setting your printer settings. Such a PDF program is easy for install on your computer and it got a little trouble. The following as the instructions for you.

How to Find Out the Page Yield of Printer Ink Cartridges

The first step of the instruction: Try to find the Virtual PDF Printer from Wondersoft’s website. After download it, follow the instructions to install this program.

The second step of the instruction: Click the Windows “Start” button and go to the “Control Panel.” double-click on “Printers.” You would find the Virtual PDF Printer is listed in the available printers. If you do not want this PDF printer as the default printer, try to right-click on the printer and choice your favorite printer and click “Set as default printer.”

The third step of the instruction: in case you can share the Virtual PDF Printer with other local network, right-click on the “Virtual PDF Printer” icon and choice “Sharing….”

The fourth step of the instruction: Simply click “Change Sharing Options” in Windows Vista and 7 and click “Continue” icon, when Windows asks for allow continuing. A new dialog window will show up. Check the window and next to “Share This Printer.”

The fifth step of the instruction: On Windows Vista or later vision, this will automatically local the “Share name:” field and auto-check the box next to “Render print jobs on client computers.” Do not try to change these settings. If for earlier versions of Windows, try to select the “Shared as:” field and go to “Virtua lP.” If you are use different versions of Windows, just click “Additional Drivers” and follow the instructions to install the correct driver for the other Windows versions. Then click “Ok.”

The sixth step of the instruction: in order to change a document to a PDF file, choice your word processor’s printer settings as “Virtual PDF Printer” and click the “Print. “icon, A dialog box will show up asking where to save your PDF file. Select the correct location and click “Okay.”

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Brother HL-2280DW Monochrome Laser Printer Free Shipping,Limited Quantity

As the rapid economic and technology growth, printer is the necessity for the office and home. Now more and more people seek for the laser printer. In this article, have to share you with the Brother HL-2280DW Monochrome Laser Printer which with Wireless Networking and Automatic Duplex printing.

Brother HL-2280DW Monochrome Laser Printer

In addition, the Brother HL-2280DW is  able to built in wireless and Ethernet network interfaces to sharing the printing for small office or home office. it with a fast print speed as able to print about 27 page per minute, but also can print professional two sided documents. It take a flatbed document glass for the convenience of copy and scan even for color. and it also add a an optional high-yield replacement toner cartridge which is available for the reduce of the operating costs.

In nutshell, this Printer Driver compatibility with Windows®, Mac OS® & Linux, Document Viewer Software† includes Scansoft PaperPort® SE with OCR for Windows® and Presto!® PageManager® for Mac®; Supported Network Protocols for IPv4,as the ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA(Auto IP), WINS/NetBIOS name resolution, DNS Resolver, mDNS, LLMNR responder, LPR/LPD, Custom Raw Port/Port 9100, IPP, FTP Server, SNMPv1/v2c, HTTP Server, TFTP Client and Server, SMTP Client, ICMP, LLTD responder, Web Services for the Ipv6 with the ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA(Auto IP), WINS/NetBIOS name resolution, DNS Resolver, mDNS, LLMNR responder, LPR/LPD, Custom Raw Port/Port 9100, IPP, FTP Server, SNMPv1/v2c, HTTP Server, TFTP Client and Server, SMTP Client, ICMP, LLTD responder, Web Services for printing.

In a short word, this printer able to automatic Duplex ,build-in Wireless Networking, Also able for Copy, Scan, Monochrome Laser Printing All-In-One, with the ability as up to 27 ppm Fast Laser Printing. With a performance and print quality. However it is with a flexible connectivity, as can Print from your mobile device, Versatile Paper Handling, you can adjustable to 250-sheet paper tray, what’s more,t he coner cartridge is easy to install and with a low cost output.

At the moment this Brother HL-2280DW Monochrome Laser Printer is on sale in, with the lowest price as $119.99,if you order it now ,you can get a 39%discount that you will save about $79.00 for your wallet, which your wallet will thanks for your good choice. What’s more, if you order now the ship cost will free for you. To be truth, such a favorable printers with the limited quantity, so please do not hesitate, just send out your order for this printer right now.

How to Creat a Default PDF Printer Setting

It requires you to spend some effort in choosing a default printer because there are many printing options available. This will become more of a problem when you work from a network. Besides, there are also various default options for you to choose when you are establishing your settings. PDF printing is confronted with the same situation. It’s not a physical printer. Just follow a few simple and easy steps and you can adjust the default setting in the same way as you adjust other printers. You’ll need a PDF writing program when you do PDF printing.

Firstly, click once on both the Windows “Start” button and “Settings”. Select “Printers and Faxes”. And a window which lists all printers available will pop up.

Secondly, right click the “PDF” printing icon. Select “Printer Preferences”. “Adobe PDF” is used in this example. And a “Preferences” window will pop up.

Thirdly, to choose the default settings that are needed for PDF printing, you can use the tabs on the “Preferences” window. Keep in mind that most of the print settings of this (except printer trays ) are the same as with a regular printer. Click “OK” to save the default setting you need.

Right click the “PDF” printing icon once. Choose “Set as Default Printer”. And then the PDF writing program will be used as the default print option for all of your programs. Near the PDF print icon, a check mark can be found.

How to Install a Virtual PDF Printer

How do you create a PDF files? Do you use Adobe Acrobat Software? I believe you do think Adobe Acrobat Software is expensive and take many internal storage of your computer. Well, I use a easier and smarter way to get me PDF files, the Virtual PDF Printer helps me to print and save the any kind of document as PDF file. The program can be easily to download and install on the Windows system to use. It another feature is this program can be shared with all the users in the local network just in a few clicks. Now I’m going to tell you how to install a Virtual PDF Printer.

Epson TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer

First, you need to get a computer with the system of Windows XP/Vista/7 and download Virtual PDF Printer from the Wondersoft’s website. Follow the installation wizard’s instructions.

Second, open the “Control Panel” through clicking the “Start” and double-click the “Printers”. You should see “Virtual PDF Printer” listed on the available printers. You can change the default printer through right-click on the original default printer and set as default printer.

3rd, if you need to share the Virtual PDF Printer with users on the local network, right-click on the icon and click on “Sharing…”

When Windows asks your permission to continue, click “Change Sharing Options” and “Continue”. There will be another dialog box pop up, just click “Share This Printer”

On Windows Vista and later version, the “Share name” will come out automatically without any above processes, you can field and auto-check the dialog box next to “Render print jobs on client computers” Keep these settings. As for the earlier versions, select “Shared as”, then “VirtualP”. If other users have different versions of Windows, go to “Additional Drivers” and install the drivers with the instructions. Otherwise, click “Okay”.

If you need to save the documents as PDF files, select “Virtual PDF Printer” to go printing page, a dialog box will automatically pop up and ask where to save the PDF files. Select the location you want and click “Okay”.

Isn’t it easy and convenient? With this Virtual PDF Printer, you have a printer and a PDF file maker; this is so good for students and the office. If you don’t need it, spend a little time to read this short blog and learn something new, it’s also a benefit. Hope this blog will help,if you need more information,please visit our website

What you need to know about Lexmark E250 Desktop Printer

Are you a college student or a single home user who need a basic kind monochrome laser printer? Here is a good choose: the Lexmark E250 desktop printer. This Lexmark E250 gets a built-in duplexer; it also gets the network ready. The printer uses Parallel USB as interface and wires as connectivity supplies.

Lexmark E250dn

The  Lexmark E250  itself beside built-in duplexer and network own the advantage of fast graphics printing, high-quality printing and also eco-friendly features. However, the speed of printing text is kind of slow and somehow high cost-per-page, also there is no LCD on the outside only the bottoms.

The max Black& White Resolution for this Lexmark printer is 600 dpi, 600 dpi and it only take 7-8 second to print a file. To enhance the image, the printer supports with the 2400 IQ technology. As for the eco-friendly features, the double-sided printing is available. The language simulation technique uses PCL 6 versions and the printing fonts included 86 x PCL, 9 x PCL 5e+86 x PCL and 9 x PCL 5e. Its SDRAM – DIMM 100-pin technology owns a RAM with 32 MB / 96 MB, which 96MB is the max RAM.

The printer is 14.1 inches for width, 15.6 inches for depth, 10.2 inches for height and 25.1 lbs for weight. There is only one slot for 250 sheets, but the plain papers inside the input tray can be different sizes. It can be B5 (6.93 in x 9.83 in), Monarch (3.87 in x 7.5 in), A6 Card and 8.5 in x 14 in as the max media size. The total media weight can be from 60 g/m2 to 163 g/m2. The media feeders include these 3 kinds: 1 x manual load – 1 sheet, 1 x auto load – 250 sheets+ 1 x manual load – 1 sheet and 1 x auto load – 250 sheets. The max media capacity and the max output trays capacity are 800 sheets and 150 sheets. The only consumable is one toner cartridge (black) which goes up to 1500 pages.

To install the computer, the Drivers & Utilities, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server and USB port, Parallel port are required. Also, the printer is certified for Windows Vista and tested through the MIC compliant standard. The limit warranty is one year and the machine is replaceable.

Compatible ink cartridges:Lexmark E250A11A OEM,Lexmark E250X22G New Compatible Drum Unit,Lexmark E250A21A New Compatible Black Toner,Lexmark E250A11A MICR Premium Remanufactured toner and so on.

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The Premium G&G Compatible Ink Cartridges

Welcome to come here! You are so lucky meeting the promotion time when our store is making many products on sale to celebrate the 7 anniversary. It is the best time and place to take the Premium G&G Compatible Ink Cartridges, if you are just looking for one or will need in the near future. The Ink Cartridges with good enough quality are really in the lowest price ever, missing this opportunity you’ll regret, I promise. As there are a lot of promoting Premium G&G Compatible Ink Cartridges, there briefly introduce several to give you a visual compare. If you are interested or just expected it for a long time, you can just click the products link or visit our store to get more information. Let’s have a look.

Brother LC61 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Value Pack

Brother LC61 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Value Pack (LC61BK/C/M/Y) – G&G™ is economical but high quality. It will be the perfect solution to save printing cost. This cartridge is made of all new components and can compatible with a lot of printers such as Brother DCP-165C, Brother MFC-J270W, Brother MFC-J630W, and so on, without any problem, of course including your printer models which use Brother LC61-Value-Pack Ink Cartridges currently. Our new compatible LC61-Value-Pack Ink Cartridges is ensured to offer you the same printing quality as good as OEM Brother LC61-Value-Pack cartridges and print at least the same amount of pages as its OEM counterparts. Moreover, the price of this ink cartridge which includes 4 ink cartridges separately in color of Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow and can print up to 450 pages for BK, 325 Pages for Colors in the shelf life 2 years, is only cost $11.99, which is lower than the OEMs.

Canon BCI-3eBk New Compatible Black Ink Cartridge

Canon BCI-3eBk New Compatible Black Ink Cartridge – G&G™ can offer you the ultimate printing experience just like the OEM Black ink cartridges. It is compatible with many printers including Canon MultiPASS F30 / Canon MultiPASS MP730 / Canon i850 / Canon i560, et al. It can print as much as 750 pages in its 2 years shelf life time. Moreover, it only costs $1.95. What a good deal! For such a lower price compared to the OEMs, you’d better to take such a good Black ink cartridge with no words by this opportunity.

HP 56 Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge (C6656AN) – G&G™

HP 56 Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge (C6656AN) – G&G™ is a kind of ink cartridge recycled from an original cartridge which is known as HP HP56 C6656 Ink Cartridge. This product has been refurbished by a factory with a 12 steps strict process to ensure the quality will meet the same standards as its OEM counterpart. And it is made in environmentally friendly. Except that, it can compatible with nearly all Hp printers like HP DeskJet 5552 / HP DeskJet 5850 / HP DeskJet 9650, and so on. Moreover, this products is far lower than the OEMs, it can help you save a lot more printing cost but with just good enough quality. Right now, here only cost $ 11.95. With it, you can print up to 450 Pages in its 2 years shelf life.

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